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Eco Friendly Clothing For Everyone

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I think there is a side of ecological consciousness to most van lifers.  I think being off grid and caring about the environment are two things that go hand in hand.  I know for me, personally, I live in leggings.  Yoga pants are my almost daily uniform.  I mean literally, I wear them almost every day, if I’m not wearing them it’s because I have forced myself to think outside my comfort zone.  This leads me to the point of this review.  I wear leggings to work so I absolutely needed to find a top to go with my bottom that covered my butt because leggings are not pants unless you’re at the Gym or the yoga studio.  I discovered this brand at a clothing store in downtown Victoria called I.O.N. which stands for “it’s only natural”.  I bought a great tunic made by Nomads Hemp Ware and fell in love with this brand.  When I like a thing, I like it all the way, through and through!  I now own more than 4 different styles in various different colours and wear them pretty regularly!  I love their tunics, tanks, and zip-ups.  

Nomads Hemp Wear has been producing organic and fair-trade clothing for men and women out of sustainable fabrics for the past 20 years. Their eco-fashion is long-lasting, cozy, and still incredibly stylish. Men’s and women’s fair-trade, festival-friendly clothes made of bamboo, organic cotton, soy, and our own specifically crafted hemp blends that express our love of the environment while maintaining an urban sensibility. We are pleased to provide apparel that can be worn in a space suit or a chicken coop. One garment at a time, taking hemp from the hippie to the cool. Check out my blog post on hemp clothing.

These are the softest comfiest tops I’ve ever tried on.  Their styles are consistently on point and versatile enough to wear to work or to a festival. The price point is not low but they last and are beyond comfortable and stylish.  Hemp isn’t new, hemp is a type of natural fabric that is made from the fibres of the cannabis plant. It is a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional fabrics like cotton and is often used to make clothing, accessories, and home goods. Hemp fabric is known for being durable, breathable, and UV-resistant, and it can also be blended with other fabrics to create unique textures and drapes. Products made from hemp are also biodegradable, as well as having a low carbon footprint.

According to the Nomads Hemp Wear website, conventional fabric production is one of the world’s most harmful processes. Traditional crops like cotton drain our limited water supply and release millions of tonnes of chemicals into the environment every year. Why exactly are chemicals, dyes, and pesticides so harmful? It goes without saying that anything intended to murder anyone at any time is bad, but did you also realize that many of these substances have epigenetic effects? That implies that the genetic alterations they create in our generation are passed down to our offspring, grandkids, and great-grandchildren. Does it suddenly seem like a good idea to “wrap your delicacies in environmentally friendly goodness”?

Hemp is the superstar of eco-fabrics. Hemp is so green it has actually been used as a carbon-negative crop. It requires no pesticides, little weeding, and grows like the dickens. It even enriches the soil it leaves behind. Hemp has been used for millennia in clothing around the world, and requires no chemicals to be spun into cloth.

Feel good about looking good.

Here’s a link to the Nomads Hemp Wear website.

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