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Long Term RV Parks Nanaimo BC, Canada

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With so many people getting into full-time RV living it can be a challenge to find a long term RV park in Nanaimo. I have lived everywhere from farmer’s fields to Resort style RV parks. I prefer the price of parking in a farmers’ field but it’s nice to have the amenities of an actual RV park. These days it’s not much cheaper to park in a field than it is to park in an RV resort. When you do a search for RV parks in Nanaimo the list seems quite extensive, but finding a spot that is open and available long-term can difficult in any community. It’s important to note I only plan to discuss RV parks that allow “long term” tenants and many of them are on a case by cases basis. I won’t be discussing seasonal or provincial campgrounds in this post.

Top 6 Full Time RV Parks in Nanaimo

  • 1. Resort On The Lake Rv Park
  • 2. Living Forest Oceanside Campground – 8 months mas
  • 3. Jingle Pot
  • 4. Jingle Pot RV Park and Campground
  • 5. Brannen Lake RV Park and Campground
  • 6. Rondalyn RV resort – Cassidy not Nanaimo

How to Choose an RV Park to Live in Full-Time

Choosing a campground to live in full-time is a big decision, and there are many factors to consider before making a final choice. Here are some steps that may help you in the decision-making process:

  1. Determine your budget: Start by deciding how much you can afford to spend on a campground. Consider the cost of the site rental, utilities, and any other expenses associated with full-time camping.
  2. Research the area: Look for campgrounds in the area where you want to live. Consider factors such as climate, proximity to amenities like shopping and medical facilities, and whether the campground is in a safe location.
  3. Check campground amenities: Make a list of amenities that are important to you, such as laundry facilities, internet access, and recreational activities. Research each campground to see what amenities they offer.
  4. Visit the campgrounds: Once you have a list of potential campgrounds, visit each one to get a feel for the environment. Talk to the staff and other residents to learn about their experiences and ask any questions you may have.
  5. Consider the rules and regulations: Each campground may have different rules and regulations, such as quiet hours or pet policies. Make sure you are comfortable with the rules before committing to a campground.
  6. Read the contract carefully: Make sure you read and understand the contract before signing. Look for hidden fees and make sure you are clear on the terms of the agreement.
  7. Consider the long-term: Think about the long-term prospects of living in a campground. Consider whether the campground is a good fit for your lifestyle and if it will meet your needs over time.

Overall, choosing a campground to live in full-time requires careful consideration and research. By following these steps, you can make an informed decision and find the right campground for you.

Resort on the Lake – A Luxury RV Community – My top pick for a Long Term RV Park in Nanaimo

Resort on Lake RV is a great long term RV park in Nanaimo. In fact it’s one of very few that actually allow it. The park is steps away from Westwood Lake in Nanaimo BC. It’s a very central location basically everything in Nanaimo is within a 20-minute drive. It is right on a bus route and within walking distance of some really great hiking trails. The RV park is strata ownership but some of the owners rent out their spots to long-term and short-term tenants. The reservation system leaves a little bit to be desired and they have no waitlist to speak of. If you are lucky enough to get in to this RV park you might want to stay a while. It has a pool, a hot tub, a gym, and a clubhouse full of amenities. There are pay per use showers available and many organized social events if you are the participating type! I have stayed at this RV park many many times and I was in fact an owner for several years. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Long term rentals are encouraged there are many park models here it feels a bit more like a mobile home park than a campground, but to some that is a desireable quality. Motorized boats are not permitted at Westwood Lake.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions…

1.  Kid friendly? Yes

2.  Pet Policy? 2 pets per site

3.  Quiet Hours? Not listed on website but Nanaimo City Bylaws show 11pm to 9am.

3.  Monthly Rate Peak Season? 1020/920 depending on location

3.  Nightly Rate Peak Season? 51/55 depending on location

4.  Amenities…

Store? No

Laundry Facilities? yes

Showers? yes

Pickleball? Yes in summer months only, the court is an off leash dog area in the winter months.

Extra amenities? Pool, hot tub, gym, clubhouse. There is free coffee in the clubhouse in the mornings and a very limited confectionary / honor bar.

5. RV age restrictions? Yes, must be 10 years or newer unless special permission is granted by strata.

6. Rules and Restrictions? No campfire of any kind.

7. Hookups? Full hook ups but only a single 30amp plug at each site.

8. Wifi? Cable and internet included wifi available at the clubhouse and each site has hardwired internet if you are staying longer than a month. Tenants are required to set up their own account with Shaw cable but it is included in your rent.

2. Living Forest Oceanside Campground – 8 months max

Living Forest Oceanside Campground is exactly that, but it’s designated recreational use and therfore you can only stay for 8 consecutive months, in my opinion, this makes it s semi long term RV park Nanaimo. If I’m full-time and stationary I don’t want to have to plan to be away for 4 months and then look for a new place to live. But maybe you’re a snowbird and you like to spend the winter down south, then this could be the perfect place for you! The reason I put this place as number two is the location. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Right on the water with Ocean front spots available. There is a seasonal cafe and the place is very kid friendly – if that’s your situation. I would consider staying here for a weekend just to have a coffee from the cafe while listening to the waves crash. Since writing this post I discovered the cafe has pizza, this may change the spot to 1! This campground is close to many great hiking trails as well as the Nanaimo River.

1.  Kid friendly? Yes, very.

2.  Pet Policy? Pet permitted.

3.  Quiet Hours? 11Pm to 8am

3.  Monthly Rate Peak Season? Monthly rates not available in peak season. lowest $900 / $1450 highest. Weekly summer rates $397 / $475

3.  Nightly Rate Peak Season? rate 61 / 73

4.  Amenities…

Store? Yes, with ice, treats, and firewood.

Laundry Facilities? yes

Showers? Yes

Pickleball? No, but Basketball, and grass volleyball

extra amenities? Large playground. Kids game room with pingpong, foosball, air hockey and big screen tv. Adult game room with library, card tables, kitchenette, fireplace and big screen tv. Rentable kayaks. Cafe with coffee, breakfast sandwiches, ice cream and wifi.

5.  Rig Age policy?  The RV length and age restrictions are mentioned on their website but it doesn’t say what they are. Helpful, yes?

Strictly enforced?

6.  Rules and Restrictions? can only stay here 8 consecutive months. Nightly stays limited to 2 consecutive weeks. No Generators or outside music.

7.  Hook ups? Everything from tent/no hook up, to 50amp ocean front spots.

8. Wifi? Tengo wifi (which many of us know is not great) is available for a fee, free wifi at the ‘Living Forest’ Cafe and front office.

3. Westwood Lake Campground Resort

Westwood Lake Campground resort is situated just steps away from beautiful Westwood Lake, where you can enjoy safe swimming, hiking, biking adventures, and some great fishing on the trout stocked lake. Please note motorized boats are not permitted at Westwood Lake.
They offer private sites and they are nestled amongst native trees of BC and groomed lawns.
They have a variety of R.V. sites available with varying amenities including sewer, electricity, cable and water.
You can also relax around a cozy campfire, in our safe, lush green tenting area. As far as this being a long term rv park Nanaimo, that’s up to mangement. They have cabins available for rent as well. This park is very quaint and well maintained. It’s very close to amazing hiking trails.


1.  Kid friendly? Yes, but campsite rates are based on double occupancy.

2.  Pet Policy? Short term stays

3.  Quiet Hours? unknown

3.  Monthly Rate Peak Season? unknown

3.  Nightly Rate Peak Season? $54

4.  Amenities…

Store? Yes. Concession June – Sept. 30th

Laundry Facilities? yes

Showers? Yes

Pickleball? No

extra amenities? Boat, kayak, canoes, and paddleboards available to rent. Starting at $30/hour

5.  Rig Age policy?  Not listed

6.  Rules and Restrictions? $5 charge for visitors. 7 Day cancellation policy

7.  Hook ups? 30amp

8.  WiFi? Wifi for a fee. Cable rental available

4. Jingle Pot RV Park and Campground

The Jingle Pot RV Park and Campground has the potential to be a long term rv park Nanaimo by request. A self-described peaceful getaway nestled in the natural beauty of Vancouver Island. Located in a pristine setting featuring beautiful rock gardens, fragrant flowers, rippling fountains and a chorus of birds, you are sure to find serenity at every turn. They offer many amenities for your convenience and a central location that offers guests easy access to Nanaimo, and the rest of Vancouver Island, and the B.C. Ferries. I personally have never been here or camped here, so I’m simply sharing information found on the internet. There are not a lot of photographs of this RV park which makes me a little nervous but the reviews I found were all good. about the. I’m going to try and do a drive-through and update this as soon as possible.


1.  Kid friendly? yes

2.  Pet Policy? yes

3.  Quiet Hours? Not listed on website but Nanaimo City Bylaws show 11pm to 9am.

3.  Monthly Rate Peak Season? must enquire with office.

3.  Nightly Rate Peak Season? $55/$62

4.  Amenities…

Store? No.

Laundry Facilities? Yes

Showers? Yes

Pickleball? No

extra amenities?

5.  Rig Age policy?  unknown

6.  Rules and Restrictions? Unknown

7.  Hook ups?

8.  WiFi?  available, cable tv available

5. Brannen Lake RV Park and Campground

Brannen Lake RV Park and Campground is described as a place where locals and tourists come to feel connected with nature. Where you can marvel in the ambiance of the graceful country setting and explore the natural beauty of the inviting forest walking trails. A magnificent oasis of wildlife featuring fields of deer, and birds of prey such as; osprey, eagles, owls and red-tail hawks. Listen carefully at night and you’ll be sure to hear the resident family of barred owls singing in the night breezes. This RV park is right on the shore of Brannen lake. Motorized boats are welcome at Brannen Lake. There are many walking and hiking trails in this area. I have not personally stayed at this RV park, but I have definitely been to Brannen lake. It is lovely, it can get a little exciting on weekends during the summer. There are steep drop offs so keep an eye on any not so strong swimmers in your group.


1.  Kid friendly? Yes

2.  Pet Policy? Pets allowed, but not on beach.

3.  Quiet Hours? 10PM to 9AM

3.  Monthly Rate Peak Season? No Monthly Rates, long term available by request. $276 Weekly

3.  Nightly Rate Peak Season? $46

4.  Amenities…

Store? Yes

Laundry Facilities? Yes

Showers? Yes

Pickleball? No

extra amenities? Free hay rides. Playground. Private beach and dock. Long Weekend dances. Pancake breakfast on Sundays.

5.  Rig Age policy?  No

6.  Rules and Restrictions? 3 Night minimum on all long weekends.

7.  Hook ups? Unknown if 30 or 50 amp.

8.  WiFi?  Free limited WiFi.

6. Rondalyn RV Resort – Parkbridge

It’s a bit harder to find information about this RV park because it’s owned by a corporation called Parkbridge. I would consider Rondalyn Resort to be a long term rv park in Nanaimo even though it’s located just a bit outside of town in an area called Cassidy. The park does allow long-term tenants though, so I felt it was worth mentioning. It also has some great amenities like a pool a basketball court, a trout pond, and a 9-hole golf course. This RV park is very family-friendly. The pool does have adult-only swim times. There is also a pub within walking distance. I have stayed here, it is a very nice park that is well run. There are cabins available to rent and if you don’t own an RV they can rent that to you too! The short-term spots are a little close together, but I feel like that’s to be expected and they did put a hedge between the sites. Like most places on Vancouver island there are many hiking and biking trails around here.


1.  Kid friendly? Yes, very.

2.  Pet Policy? Yes, they have an off-leash park area. Pet charge $5/day

3.  Quiet Hours?

3.  Monthly Rate Peak Season?

3.  Nightly Rate Peak Season? $49.50

4.  Amenities…

Store? Yes

Laundry Facilities? Yes

Showers? Yes

Pickleball? No

extra amenities? Pool, Horseshoe pit, Playground, Volleyball Court, Community Fire Pit, Golf Course, Rental cabins and RVs

5.  Rig Age policy?  Unknown

6.  Rules and Restrictions? $5/day pet charge. 14 day cancellation policy for less than 30 day stay, 30 days for cabins and long term stays. MINIMUM STAYS FOR 2023 AND BEYOND: (PEAK SEASON)
• Weekdays – 1 night.
• Weekends – 2 nights.
• Long Weekends – 3 nights.
• Cabins – 2 nights.

7.  Hook ups? 30amp

8.  WiFi? Yes, Cable tv

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long term rv parks nanaimo
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