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Dreamegg Portable White Noise Machine

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So you think you can sleep?  Wait, what?  Everyone sleeps, but some of us are better at it than others, just like dancing!  A thing about sleeping on the side of the road, in a campground, or at a random truck stop is the noise.  Kids playing, airbrakes braking, dogs barking, just the sound of a car driving by – blamo I’m awake.  Not a big deal most of the time, I have been living as a light sleeper my entire life.  I blame my parents for loving too much to make noise around my angelic sleeping baby face.  

My off-grid lifestyle right now finds me sleeping on the side of the road close to where ever I’m working at the moment… I hear a lot of big rigs driving by.  It would be great to just run my generator all night, but that’s horrible for my pocket book and for the environment!  You’re welcome Gretta Greenburg and future children I never had on my own!  Down the rabbit hole of research I go!  What’s the best white noise machine?  Best portable white noise machine?  Best rechargeable white noise machine?  I read a bunch of blogs and a hundred amazon reviews and settled on The Dreamegg Portable Sound Machine.  

I base most of my purchase decisions on amazon reviews, people are pretty freaking honest on there.  This handy little white noise machine was at a reasonable price point, has a battery that will last at least 8 hours and it’s small enough to sit on my pillow!  This brand comes highly recommended by parents who are trying to let their babies sleep peacefully I won’t judge them for creating a life of broken sleep for their little bundles of joy.


  • 21 Soothing Sounds, White Noises, Natural Sounds, And Lullabies
  • 30-Hour Continuous Looping And Soothing For Babies And Parents
  • Timer And Volume Control (0 – 77 decibels)
  • Compact And Portable For Travel
  • Baby-Safe Child-Lock
  • USB C + Battery Rechargeable

They claim that it will charge fully in 3 hours and that’s super important to those of us living off-grid. I haven’t timed it but it does charge fast enough that I don’t worry about it being ready for bedtime. I can honestly say I’m able to sleep through the night because of the Dreamegg portable sound machine.  Sometimes the trucks going by me actually rock my van a little bit and I’m able to sleep through most of it!

I was using a sound track on my phone but I need my phone battery to last all night and I wanted something separate.

Please note I was not paid to write this review but I do get a small kickback from amazon if you buy through my link at no extra charge to you!.

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