Ready, Set, Roll: A Road Trip Checklist for RV Enthusiasts

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Hitting the Open Road Like a Pro

Ah, the call of the open road! Nothing beats the freedom and adventure of packing up your RV or van and heading out on a road trip. But let’s be real: being prepared is the key to enjoying your journey to the fullest. That’s where your “road trip checklist” and “road trip packing list” come in handy. Consider this your go-to beginner’s guide to making sure you’ve got all the road trip essentials covered.

Section 1: Setting Your Itinerary and Budget

Make a Plan, But Be Flexible

Before you rev up the engine, take a moment to set your itinerary. You don’t have to plan down to the last gas station (where’s the fun in that?), but having a general idea helps. Also, remember to set a budget for fuel, accommodations, food, and activities.

Don’t Forget Contingency Plans

No matter how well you plan, life is unpredictable. Always have a Plan B in case of emergencies. Is there another route you can take? What’s your backup plan for accommodations? Do you have roadside assistance in case of a breakdown?

Section 2: The Road Trip Packing List – Gear and Gadgets

Must-Have Gadgets

Bring along some essential gadgets like a GPS, portable charger, and Wi-Fi hotspot. These can be lifesavers when you’re out in unfamiliar territory. I am working on a printable road trip checklist. Please comment in the sections any suggestions you might have.

Handy Tools for Repairs

You should also have a basic toolkit for minor repairs on your RV or van (check out our blog post about repairing a leaking toilet valve). Screwdrivers, pliers, and duct tape can go a long way in a pinch.

Section 3: Food and Snacks – Don’t Go Hungry!

Your Mini-Kitchen Setup

Your RV or van likely has a mini-kitchen. Stock it with non-perishable food items and healthy snacks. Always carry enough water, especially if you’re driving through arid regions. Don’t forget your grocery list!

Plan for Stops

Mark potential stops on your route where you can restock your supplies. Local markets are great for fresh produce and unique local treats.

Section 4: Entertainment on the Road

Tunes and Podcasts

Don’t underestimate the power of a good playlist or a captivating podcast. Time flies when you’re engaged in what you’re listening to!

Games and Activities

If you’re travelling with kids or friends, having some road games up your sleeve can keep the atmosphere light and fun. Check out my printable 3 page road trip games here. If you click on it there are 3 total pages you can view on your device.

Section 5: A Closer Look at the Road Trip Essentials List

First Aid and Medication

An essential part of any road trip checklist is a comprehensive first-aid kit. Stock up on over-the-counter medicines you might need. Don’t forget first-aid kit standards. Download an inventory list from the internet.

Important Documents

Have a folder containing important documents like ID, insurance papers, and any camping or park reservations. Keep digital backups as well. If you’re crossing any boarders don’t forget your passport and any necessary vaccines for you and your pets.

Section 6: The Final Road Trip Checklist, Tying Loose Ends

Before you embark on your journey, make sure to go through your personal checklist one final time. Check all your systems, confirm your plans, and make sure you didn’t forget anything crucial from your road trip packing list. If you’re leaving your sticks and bricks empty make sure to check with your insurance provider to make sure you have proper coverage for being away.

Section 7: My Personal Checklist

  • put away any loose items on counters etc
  • Drain and rinse black tank
  • Drain and rinse grey tank
  • unhook sewer hose
  • unhook and empty water hose ( i like to close this by connecting the two ends, helps keep it clean)
  • Prepare to slide in tipouts make sure everything inside and outside is clear
  • sweep floor so nothing scratches
  • Slide in slides, my engine needs to be running for this I also like to be plugged in.
  • lift up leveling jacks
  • Remove jack support blocks
  • Remove Tire covers
  • pull forward, remove planks from under tires
  • Check engine (turn it off for this portion)
  • Clean battery terminals, house battery and Chassis
  • Top up water in batteries – needs to be Reverse Osmossis water
  • Check oil, windshield fluid, coolant
  • Check Tire pressure
  • Check all signal and brake lights
  • If you are heading on a long journey I recommend taking your vehicle to your trusted mechanic for a once over. I was on a road trip to mexico when my brakes decided they needed replacing. It worked out well, great mechanic in Ontario, Oregon that were able to get parts and complete in less than 2 hours! Huge bays that will fit a large RV. Commercial Tire is the name. Many snowbirds utilize these folks, one hundred percent recommend!!!

Wrapping It Up: Be Prepared, But Have Fun!

Your road trip can be as smooth as your planning. With your road trip essentials list, you’re not just preparing for the journey, you’re ensuring a memorable experience. So, ready, set, roll, and let the road be your guide!

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