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Van-friendly Gym Solutions: Is Planet Fitness for Van Lifers Worth It?

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van-friendly gym solutions
planet fitness for van life

Benefits Beyond Fitness: The Perks of a 24/7 Lifestyle

As a solo female RVer since 2009 embracing the van life has gifted me with an abundance of freedom, adventure, and countless sunsets in the most picturesque locations. This lifestyle, deeply intertwined with my work in the film industry in Vancouver’s bustling environment, has necessitated a blend of flexibility and creativity in managing day-to-day necessities, especially personal wellness. Traditionally, my preference for maintaining fitness and inner peace leaned heavily towards yoga, a practice that complements the tranquility of living on the road, over the conventional gym setting, which I perceived as less appealing for someone with a nomadic spirit.

Understanding the practicalities of van life, including the strategic use of gym memberships for essentials like 24/7 access to showers and sometimes a safe overnight parking spot, I had already acknowledged the utility these memberships could offer. Despite this awareness, my heart remained aligned with yoga mats rather than weight rooms, maintaining a healthy distance from the gym culture I presumed not to be my cup of tea.

This perspective took an unexpected turn when I attended a wellness expo in Nanaimo. Here, amidst the vibrant stalls and enthusiastic crowd, I won a Planet Fitness Black Card membership. This prize, initially met with lukewarm enthusiasm, became a cornerstone of my van living experience in the Lower Mainland, particularly for its round-the-clock access to facilities that significantly eased the challenges of life on the road. Far from just stumbling upon a gym for showers, this membership was a serendipitous win that introduced me to a suite of amenities I hadn’t imagined would become integral to my daily routine.

Through this blog post, I hope to share how my preconceptions about gym memberships were transformed, revealing the unexpected joys and conveniences that Planet Fitness has brought into my van-living journey. Join me as I explore how this unexpected addition to my life has become a cherished resource, offering a glimpse into the adaptable, resilient spirit of van life.

From Yoga Mats to Gym Passes: A Chance Encounter

During a lively wellness expo in Nanaimo, an event my mom and I eagerly attended for its wealth of health and fitness insights, I stumbled upon an opportunity that initially seemed out of sync with my lifestyle. Amidst the vibrant stalls, the Planet Fitness booth caught our eye, not for its gym-centric appeal, which I usually bypass in favor of yoga’s tranquility, but for the enthusiastic team urging attendees to enter a draw for a Black Card membership.

My preference has always leaned towards the serene practice of yoga, a perfect fit for both my van life and my affection for the great outdoors, where my inflatable paddleboard(check out my blog post about the best inflatable paddleboard here) are more familiar companions than any gym equipment. Yet, the idea of potentially winning something, combined with the team’s convincing showcase of Planet Fitness’s unique amenities, nudged me to put my name in. It was a moment of curiosity, challenging my preconceptions and reminding me that exploration is at the heart of my journey, whether I’m unrolling the best yoga mat for van life under the stars or considering the benefits of a gym membership.

This brief encounter, driven by a mix of skepticism and intrigue, marked the beginning of an unexpected exploration into how traditional gym amenities might seamlessly integrate into my nomadic lifestyle.

Beyond the Gym: The Unforeseen Perks of a Planet Fitness Win

Imagine my surprise when, out of all the attendees at the wellness expo, it was my name that emerged as the winner of the Planet Fitness Black Card. This prize, more than just a slip of paper or a simple membership, represented a gateway to amenities I had not fully appreciated until that moment. The Black Card boasts access to features like tanning, hydro massage, a total body enhancement machine, and not to forget, the coveted massage chairs. Each of these perks, in its own right, is a luxury for someone whose home is on four wheels, constantly moving from one location to another.

Living the van life, especially when full-time boondocking or winter camping in the Lower Mainland without the convenience of running water, presents its set of challenges. The need for a reliable and comfortable place to take care of personal hygiene becomes not just a necessity but a luxury. The Planet Fitness membership, suddenly, was not just a card in my wallet but a ticket to a kind of daily pampering that seemed almost too good to be true.

After long days on set in the film industry, where the hours are unpredictable and the work can be as draining as it is thrilling, the thought of pampering myself with a long shower, followed by a hydro massage or a session in the massage chair, became a source of solace. These moments of self-care became not just rare treats but essential rituals that helped me recharge and maintain a sense of normalcy in my unconventional lifestyle.

This win, initially met with skepticism, quickly unfolded as an unexpected blessing. It reminded me that sometimes, the most significant gifts come in the most unanticipated packages. Planet Fitness, with its array of amenities, offered me more than just a place to exercise; it provided me with a space to relax, rejuvenate, and prepare for whatever adventure lay ahead. Keep in mind there are other van-friendly gym solutions I just happened to get lucky and win this membership.

Breaking Stereotypes: The Welcoming World of Planet Fitness

Before winning the Planet Fitness Black Card, my view of gyms had always been somewhat skewed by the stereotypes I held: places filled with the relentless clanking of weights and a culture that seemed a tad intimidating for someone like me, who found solace in the quietude of yoga and the vastness of the outdoors. However, my experiences at Planet Fitness have since painted a new picture, reshaping my understanding and appreciation for what a gym can offer, especially for someone embracing the van life.

The showers, a simple amenity that many might take for granted, became my sanctuary. The luxury of a hot, long shower after a day spent working in the film industry or exploring the wilderness cannot be overstated. It was a slice of everyday comfort that, in the context of living on the road, felt like an indulgence. This alone shifted my perspective on the value of a gym membership for van lifers, transforming it from a luxury into a necessity.

But it was not just the showers that altered my view. The environment within Planet Fitness played a significant role in my newfound gym affection. The anticipated “gym culture” of intimidating equipment and competitive atmospheres was nowhere to be found. Instead, I was greeted with a welcoming space, where cleanliness was evident at every turn, and the air was devoid of judgment. This setting provided a sense of belonging and an unexpected motivation to exercise, even on days when I might have otherwise found an excuse to skip it.

The obligation to exercise, a notion I had once viewed with mild dread, became a part of my routine I looked forward to. Whether it was engaging in a quick cardio session or exploring the benefits of strength training, each visit became an opportunity to discover new ways to enhance my physical well-being, beyond the yoga mat. It was a reminder that fitness, much like life on the road, is not about adhering to a strict regimen but about finding joy in the variety and embracing new experiences.

Planet Fitness provided not just the tools for physical wellness but a welcoming community that challenged my preconceptions. It has shown me that gym life, with its unique blend of accessibility, cleanliness, and inclusivity, can indeed complement the van living experience, offering a reliable resource for both physical and mental rejuvenation.

The Best of Planet Fitness: Van-friendly Gym Solutions

Exploring Planet Fitness as a full-time van lifer, I discovered some perks that have significantly improved my daily life. The hydro massage has become a highlight for me, offering a way to relax and unwind after a busy day. It’s more than just a massage; it’s a moment of calm that’s hard to find when you’re always on the move.

The total body enhancement machine was a surprise favorite. Initially skeptical, I’ve found its use of light therapy and vibration to be beneficial, helping with muscle recovery and boosting my energy levels. This is particularly valuable for someone living in a van, where managing energy and staying fit is crucial.

The 30-minute fitness circuit at Planet Fitness has also been a great find. It’s a quick, efficient way to get a comprehensive workout, fitting perfectly into the van life lifestyle where time can be limited. This circuit has allowed me to keep up with my fitness without having to dedicate too much time or plan extensively.

These features have become essential parts of my routine, proving that maintaining wellness on the road is not only possible but can also be enjoyable. They offer practical benefits and a sense of routine that enrich the van living experience.

Reflections from the Road: Endorsing Planet Fitness for Van Lifers

After spending a considerable amount of time utilizing the amenities and becoming acquainted with the environment at Planet Fitness, I find myself in a position to offer a comprehensive take on how it integrates into the van life lifestyle. My journey from initial skepticism to genuine appreciation reflects not only the unexpected benefits of the membership but also the ways in which it complements a life on the road.

The color scheme of Planet Fitness, with its signature purple and yellow, offers a vibrant and energetic ambiance that is both inviting and uplifting. This aesthetic choice contributes to a welcoming atmosphere that makes each visit enjoyable. Most interactions with staff have been positive keeping in mind my home location is much smaller and friendlier than any lower mainland locations. They are friendly, approachable, and genuinely interested in providing a good experience for all members, which is refreshing. Before going full time I had no idea van-friendly gym solutions would be so important to me.

The amenities, as I have mentioned, have been game-changers in my daily routine. The availability of showers, hydro massages, and the total body enhancement machine, among others, has not only improved my physical well-being but also provided a sense of luxury and normalcy that can be hard to come by when living out of a van. These features have made Planet Fitness an essential stop in my travels, offering both the convenience of essential services and the opportunity for self-care. Check out my related blog post review about the total body enhancement machine.

For anyone considering a mobile lifestyle, I cannot recommend the Black Card at Planet fitness for van lifers it fits seamlessly into this unique way of living. It offers not just access to gym facilities across the country, but a reliable place for self-care, fitness, and even social interaction. The benefits extend beyond physical fitness; they include a sense of community and a safe, welcoming space to refresh and recharge.

In summary, Planet Fitness has provided me with more than I could have anticipated, proving to be a valuable asset in my van life journey. It has enhanced my daily life on the road, bringing a balance of wellness, comfort, and joy to the mobile lifestyle. Whether you are a seasoned van lifer or just starting out, consider how a Planet Fitness for van lifers could enrich your travel experience too.

On the Road Again: Sticking with Planet Fitness

As I get ready to head back from Mexico, renewing my Planet Fitness membership is high on my list. It has become clear how much value it adds to my life on the road. From showers to fitness and a bit of daily luxury with the hydro massage, these amenities have shifted from nice-to-have to essential for my van living.

I was skeptical at first, but my experience has been a game-changer, proving that even for us nomads, a gym can offer more than just a workout—it provides stability and a touch of home comfort, no matter where we park.

For anyone living the van life or thinking about it, especially if you’re not big on gyms, give Planet Fitness a try. It has been a surprise how well it fits into this lifestyle, offering cleanliness, fitness, and a chance to unwind. I am definitely renewing my membership and would suggest you see how it could fit into your nomadic life too. Check out our related blog post about fitness in small spaces.

On the Road Again: Making Planet Fitness a Key Stop

As I plan my journey back from Mexico to Canada, I am looking at where I can find Planet Fitness locations along the way. It is interesting how something I was not entirely sure about initially has become an essential part of my planning. My perspective on van-friendly gym solutions, especially from the standpoint of a full-time van life, has undergone a complete transformation. Initially, I viewed them merely as places for exercise, but now they play a significant role in maintaining my health and well-being on the road.

planet fitness for van lifers
van-friendly gym solutions
Ext Beaty Angel Total Body Enhancement

What I want to convey is the importance of being open to new experiences. I was skeptical about integrating a gym membership into my nomadic lifestyle, but now, I cannot imagine life without it. If you are living on the road or considering it, a Planet Fitness membership might be just as beneficial for you as it has been for me.

Therefore, as I make my way back home, stopping at Planet Fitness locations is not only about exercising; it is about maintaining a sense of balance in my life, even when I am far from home. This simple addition has significantly impacted my daily routine. Perhaps there is something you have yet to try because it does not seem like “your thing.” My advice is to go for it; you might find it surprisingly fitting.

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