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Portable Exercise Equipment for RV Living: Stay Fit on the Road

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portable exercise equipment for RV living

As someone who has been full-time RV living since 2009, I know how challenging it is to stay active and healthy in a small space. However, finding the room in your rig and equipment to work out can be a challenge. With the right gear, you can get a full-body workout no matter where you are.

Whether you’re a full-time RVer or just taking a weekend trip, having exercise equipment can help you maintain your fitness routine. From stretchy bands to collapsible dumbbells, there are a variety of options available that can easily fit into your RV storage compartments. Plus, many of these products are lightweight and easy to set up, making it simple to get a quick session in before hitting the road again.

In this article, I’ll be exploring some of the best portable gym-type equipment options for RV living. Whether you’re looking to build strength, improve flexibility, or just get your heart rate up, there’s something for everyone. So, let’s dive in and discover how you can stay fit and healthy on your next RV adventure!

Benefits of Portable Exercise Equipment for RV Living


Living in an RV requires a certain level of adaptability and creativity when it comes to staying active. As someone who’s experienced the joys and challenges of RV living, I can attest to the importance of having readily available and compact exercise equipment. The beauty of portable fitness gear is that it’s not only easy to move and store, but it also allows you to work out whenever and wherever you please – whether you’re parked in a breathtaking mountain range or at a cozy campsite by the beach. With the freedom to stay fit on the go, you’ll be able to fully embrace the RV lifestyle and all the adventures that come with it.


Not only is portable exercise equipment great for convenience and flexibility, but it’s also a smart choice for your wallet. Unlike traditional gym equipment that can be expensive to purchase and maintain, travel-friendly gear is often more cost-effective and takes up less space. Instead of shelling out for a pricey gym membership or sacrificing your living quarters for bulky machinery, you can invest in a few key pieces that will allow you to break a sweat and achieve your fitness goals on the go. So why limit yourself to the confines of a gym when you can have the freedom and affordability of portable exercise equipment?


When it comes to living in a camper, one of the biggest challenges is finding space for everything you need – and that includes exercise equipment. But fear not, for there are options out there that are specifically designed to be compact and easy to store. Whether you’re tight on space inside your RV or need to stash your gear outside, there are plenty of travel-friendly options that won’t take up too much room. From versatile resistance bands to space-saving jump ropes and yoga mats, you can get a full-body workout without sacrificing valuable living space. So don’t let the small size of your RV hold you back from staying in shape – with the right equipment, you can have a fit and fulfilling life on the road.

Types of Portable Exercise Equipment for RV Living

Resistance Bands

I highly recommend these bands for RV living. They are lightweight, compact, and versatile. With stretchy bands, you can perform a wide range of workouts that target different muscle groups. They are also affordable and take up almost no space. You can easily store them in a small bag or drawer. You can easily store them on a 3m hook somewhere in your camper or Van.

There are several styles of resistance bands available, each with their own unique characteristics and benefits. Here are a few of the most common styles:

  1. Loop bands: These are circular bands that are typically used for lower body exercises, such as squats and lunges. They come in different resistance levels and can also be used for upper body exercises like bicep curls and shoulder presses.
  2. Tube bands: These are longer bands with handles on each end, which can be used for a variety of exercises. They often come with interchangeable attachments to adjust the resistance level, and can be used for both upper and lower body workouts.
  3. Figure-eight bands: These are shaped like the number “8” and are great for targeting specific muscle groups, such as the chest or back. They can also be used for full-body workouts and come in different resistance levels.
  4. Therapy bands: These are shorter and wider bands that are typically used for rehabilitation and physical therapy exercises. They come in different colors to indicate the level of resistance, and are great for gentle strength training and improving range of motion.
  5. Powerlifting bands: These are thicker and heavier bands that are often used for powerlifting and strength training exercises. They can be looped around barbells or dumbbells to add resistance to traditional weightlifting exercises.

These bands come in different strengths, so you can choose the level of stretch strength that suits your fitness level. They are also easy to use, and you can perform exercises in the comfort of your RV or outside in nature.

TRX Suspension Training System

TRX, which stands for Total Resistance Exercise, is a type of suspension training system that uses a set of straps and handles to perform bodyweight training. The TRX system allows for a full-body workout by utilizing gravity and your own body weight to create strength, and the exercises can be easily modified to increase or decrease the difficulty level.

There are several reasons why TRX training might be beneficial for tiny home living. First, the TRX system is compact and lightweight, which makes it ideal for small spaces like an RV. The suspension straps can be easily set up and taken down, and they don’t require any additional gear or weights.

Secondly, the TRX system is versatile and can be used to perform a wide variety of exercises, including strength training, cardio, and flexibility. This means that you can get a complete workout without having to take up a lot of space with bulky equipment.

Thirdly, TRX training is suitable for people of all levels, from beginners to advanced athletes. The exercises can be modified to increase or decrease the difficulty level, and you can progress at your own pace.

Finally, TRX training is a low-impact workout, which is ideal for people with joint pain or injuries. The suspension straps allow for a full range of motion without putting stress on your joints, which can help reduce the risk of injury.

Overall, the TRX training system can be a great option for RV living because it is compact, versatile, suitable for all fitness levels, and low-impact. It allows you to get a complete workout without taking up a lot of space or requiring a lot of machinery.

Adjustable Dumbbells

Adjustable dumbbells are a popular choice for those who want to do weight training at home or on the road. They offer several benefits that make them ideal for RV or van living. Firstly, their space-saving design makes them perfect for small living spaces like RVs or vans. Unlike traditional dumbbells, which require a lot of space to store, adjustable dumbbells can be easily stored in a small corner or under a bed.

Secondly, adjustable dumbbells offer versatility in terms of the wide range of exercises that can be performed with them. They allow you to target different muscle groups and can be adjusted to suit your fitness level and goals. This means that you can get a full-body workout without having to invest in multiple pieces of equipment.

Thirdly, adjustable dumbbells are convenient to use. They are easy to use, and you can perform exercises in the comfort of your camper or outside in nature. This means that you don’t need to go to a gym or fitness center, which can save you time and money.

Fourthly, investing in a set of adjustable dumbbells can be more cost-effective in the long run compared to buying multiple sets of traditional dumbbells. Plus, you can easily adjust the weight, which means that you won’t outgrow your equipment as quickly.

Finally, adjustable dumbbells are also portable, making them perfect for those who travel frequently. You can easily take them with you on road trips or vacations, so you can stay on track with your fitness goals no matter where you are.

In summary, adjustable dumbbells are a great option for those who want to do weight training in their camper or van. Their space-saving design, versatility, convenience, cost-effectiveness, and portability make them ideal for small living spaces and for those who travel frequently. With a set of adjustable dumbbells, you can get a full-body workout without ever having to leave your home on wheels!

Foldable Treadmills

If you’re an RV enthusiast who loves running or walking, there’s no need to sacrifice your cardio routine on rainy days. A foldable treadmill could be the perfect addition to your mobile gym. These compact and lightweight machines are specifically designed for small living spaces like RVs, making them a great option for keeping fit on the go. Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s not that practical to have a folding treadmill in your tiny space, but if you have a toy hauler or a big park model, this might be a great option for you.

One of the great things about foldable treadmills is their versatility. Many models come with features like adjustable incline, speed, and workout programs, so you can customize your workout to your fitness level and goals. Whether you’re looking to build endurance, burn calories, or just get your heart pumping, a foldable treadmill can help you achieve your fitness goals while on the road.

And the best part? You can do it all in the comfort of your tiny home. No need to brave the elements. With a foldable treadmill, you can get your cardio workout in peace and privacy, all while enjoying the beautiful scenery around you. Maybe it’s too hot or too cold to get out and walk the dog!

In conclusion, a foldable treadmill is an excellent option for RV living. They’re compact, easy to store, and offer a variety of features to help you achieve your fitness goals on the go. So why not add one to your mobile gym and keep your cardio routine going strong, no matter where the road takes you?

Portable Exercise Bikes

With a compact exercise bike, you can keep pedalling toward your fitness goals no matter where your RV takes you. In fact, I have one of these in my Class A, It is the second one I have had in my years of living full-time in an RV, and I have never regretted it. Yes sometimes it’s a bit of a nuisance and ends up being a dumping ground for clothing, but on the days when I just can’t get outside, it is priceless. 

These nifty machines are lightweight, compact, and foldable, making them a perfect addition to any mobile gym. You can easily tuck them away in a corner or under the bed when not in use, leaving you plenty of space to move around in your RV.

But don’t let their small size fool you. Compact and foldable stationary bikes pack a punch when it comes to features. With adjustable levels of challenge, speed, and workout programs, you can customize your workout to your fitness level and goals. Whether you’re looking to break a sweat, burn calories, or simply keep your heart healthy, a portable exercise bike has got you covered.

And the best part? You can get your cardio fix in the comfort of your own camper. No need to brave the elements or worry about finding a gym. Simply hop on your stationary bike and pedal your way toward better health.

In summary, a portable ‘stationary’ bike is an excellent option for anyone who wants to stay fit on the go. Their lightweight, compact, and foldable design makes them a perfect fit for RV living. With a variety of features and the ability to use them in the comfort of your own space, there’s no excuse not to keep pedalling toward your fitness goals.

Bike Trainers – Turn your Regular Bike into a Stationary Bike

If you’re an avid cyclist and own a travel van or camper, you may be looking for a way to continue your training while on the road. A bike trainer could be the perfect solution.

A bike trainer is a device that converts your regular bike into a stationary bike, allowing you to ride indoors in the comfort of your RV or camper. It’s a great option for anyone who wants to maintain their fitness level while travelling or when the weather is unfavourable.

With a bike trainer in your RV or camper, you can enjoy a realistic riding experience that closely simulates riding outdoors. You simply clamp the trainer onto the rear axle of your bike and begin pedalling. The device applies resistance to your rear wheel, giving you a challenging workout that you can adjust to your fitness level.

There are two main types of bike trainers: fluid trainers and magnetic trainers. Fluid trainers use a fluid-filled chamber to create resistance, while magnetic trainers use a magnetic flywheel. Both types offer a wide range of levels, so you can adjust your workout to your desired intensity.

One of the best things about a bike trainer is that it allows you to use your own bike. This means that you can maintain the same fit and feel you’re used to when riding outdoors. Plus, the compact size of a bike trainer makes it easy to store in your RV or camper when not in use.

In summary, a bike trainer is an excellent addition to any camper for cyclists who want to maintain their fitness while on the road. With a realistic riding experience, adjustable strength challenge, and the ability to use your own bike, it’s a great investment for anyone who wants to stay in shape while exploring the world.

DIY Workout Equipment

Here are a few DIY ways to make a workout out of stuff you might have handy in your camper:

  1. Water Jug Weights: You can use gallon water jugs (or any large jugs filled with water) as weights. These can be used for exercises like bicep curls, shoulder presses, squats, and lunges.
  2. Towel Sliders: Grab a couple of towels and place them on a smooth surface (like a hardwood floor). Use them as sliders to do exercises like mountain climbers, lunges, and pikes. 
  3. Stairs or Step: If your RV has a step or stairs, you can use them for step-ups, jumps, and calf raises. Remember step aerobics in the 90’s?
  4. Backpack: Fill a backpack with heavy items, like water bottles, and use it as a weight for exercises like squats, lunges, and step-ups.
  5. Bodyweight: There are plenty of things you can do without any equipment at all, like push-ups, sit-ups, burpees, jumping jacks, and lunges. Planks are great too!

These are just a few ideas to get you started. With a little creativity, you can turn just about anything into a fitness tool. Just make sure to take appropriate safety precautions and consult with a doctor before starting any new exercise routine.

The great thing about resistance training, or weight lifting as it’s sometimes called, is it doesn’t really matter what you use as long as your muscles feel some resistance. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing Portable Exercise Equipment for RV Living

Size and Weight

When selecting exercise gear for tiny living, size and weight are crucial factors to consider. As an RV owner, you are probably aware of the limited space available in your vehicle. Therefore, you should choose equipment that is compact and lightweight. Stretchy bands, jump ropes, and yoga mats are excellent options for van lifers because they are easy to store and do not take up much space. Check out my BLOG POST ABOUT THE BEST TRVEL YOGA MATS


Durability is another essential factor to consider when choosing exercise equipment for living on the road. Your equipment will be subjected to frequent movement and storage, so you should select equipment that can withstand wear and tear. Look for equipment made from high-quality materials that can withstand the rigours of travel. For example, resistance bands made from durable latex material are an excellent choice.

Level of Resistance

The level of resistance is another critical factor to consider when choosing any exercise equipment for RV living. You want equipment that provides enough resistance to challenge you during your workouts. However, you also want to avoid equipment that is too heavy or cumbersome. Adjustable dumbbells or resistance bands with different levels of resistance are perfect for RVers because they allow you to adjust the intensity of your workouts.


Price is an important consideration when choosing any equipment for RV living. While you want to invest in high-quality equipment, you also want to avoid breaking the bank. Consider your budget when selecting equipment and look for options that offer the best value for your money. Resistance bands, jump ropes, and yoga mats are affordable options that provide an excellent workout.

Top Portable Exercise Equipment for RV Living

Product 1: Resistance Bands

I always bring my resistance bands with me when I’m on the road. They’re lightweight and easy to pack, so I never have to worry about taking up too much space in my van. Plus, they’re incredibly versatile and can be used for a variety of routines, including bicep curls, squats, and chest presses.

One of the best things about resistance bands is that they come in varying levels of resistance, so you can easily adjust the intensity of your program. They’re also very affordable, so you don’t have to break the bank to get a good workout in.

Product 2: Yoga Mat

When I’m on the road, I like to find ways to incorporate a yoga routine. It helps me stretch out after a long night’s sleep and gets me energized for the day ahead. That’s why I always bring my yoga mat with me. When I’m in my Class B, I often will just do my yoga on my bed, there isn’t enough floor space for most of the things, but I make it work!

Yoga mats are lightweight and easy to pack, and they provide a comfortable surface for your yoga practice. Plus, they’re great for other exercises as well, like ab workouts or stretching.  Check out my blog post about yoga mats here.

Product 3: Jump Rope

As a full-time RVer, it’s essential to have compact and lightweight equipment that won’t take up too much space in your rig. That’s why jumping rope is an excellent option for getting your heart rate up and burning calories while on the road.

Jump ropes are affordable and can easily fit in a small corner or compartment of your RV. They’re a great way to get your cardio in, and they’re also a lot of fun!

When using a jump rope in your camper, make sure to find a suitable surface to jump on. It’s best to avoid jumping on hard surfaces like tile or hardwood to prevent damaging your RV floor. Instead, try jumping on a grassy area outside or use a rubber mat indoors to protect your floors.

Stay fit without any equipment

online fitness programs

There are many online fitness programs that would be perfect for full-time RVers looking to stay fit on the road. Here are some of the most popular ones:

  1. Beachbody On Demand: Now known as BODi, Beachbody On Demand is a popular fitness streaming service that offers a wide variety of programs, including high-intensity interval training (HIIT), yoga, dance, and weightlifting. The workouts range from 10 to 60 minutes, so you can fit them into your schedule no matter how busy you are. Check out their program here.
  2. Daily Burn: Daily Burn is another popular streaming service that offers a wide range of programs, including yoga, Pilates, barre, and HIIT. They also have a variety of challenges and programs to help you reach your fitness goals.
  3. Yoga with Adriene: If you’re looking for a yoga-specific program, Yoga with Adriene is a great option. Adriene offers a variety of yoga practices, from gentle stretching to challenging flows, and has a huge following on YouTube.
  4. Peloton Digital: Peloton Digital offers a range, including cycling, running, yoga, strength, and more. The app includes live and on-demand classes, so you can choose whatever fits your schedule.
  5. Fitness Blender: Fitness Blender is a YouTube channel that offers a wide variety of videos, including HIIT, strength, Pilates, and more. They offer workouts for all fitness levels and have a huge library of free workouts.
  6. P90X: P90X by Beachbody, includes 12 high-intensity workouts that are divided into three phases, focusing on strength, muscle mass, and endurance. The program uses bodyweight exercises, free weights, and resistance bands, and incorporates cardio, strength training, and yoga. They send you DVD so no internet required. Get the Pricing here.
  7. Apple Fitness+: Apple Fitness+ provides access to a wide range of workouts that can be done with minimal equipment and space. It offers workouts in various categories, including HIIT, strength, yoga, and dance, and has a library of workouts that require no equipment at all. Plus, with the ability to stream workouts offline, it’s a convenient option for those without internet access.

No matter which program you choose, all of these options are available online and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. They’re perfect for full-time RVers who want to stay fit and healthy on the road.

interval timer

An interval timer can be a useful tool for developing HIIT (high-intensity interval training) programs for life on the road. Here’s how you can use an interval timer to create a HIIT routine for your RV or van:

  1. Determine your work-to-rest ratio: HIIT involves alternating between periods of high-intensity exercise and periods of rest or low-intensity exercise. The work-to-rest ratio is the amount of time you spend exercising compared to the amount of time you spend resting. For example, a common work-to-rest ratio for HIIT is 1:1, which means you exercise for 30 seconds and rest for 30 seconds. You can adjust this ratio based on your fitness level and goals.
  2. Choose your exercises: HIIT programs can include a variety of exercises, such as jumping jacks, burpees, mountain climbers, and squat jumps. Choose exercises that target different muscle groups and that you enjoy doing.
  3. Set your interval timer: Use your interval timer to set the work and rest periods for each exercise. For example, you might set the timer for 30 seconds of work and 30 seconds of rest, and repeat that cycle for 10 rounds. You can also adjust the length of the program and the number of rounds based on your fitness level and goals.
  4. Warm up and cool down: Before and after your HIIT workout, be sure to warm up and cool down properly to prevent injury and promote recovery. You can include dynamic stretching and light cardio exercises in your warm-up, and static stretching and foam rolling in your cool-down.

By using an interval timer to create HIIT, you can get an effective cardio and strength workout in a short amount of time, without needing a lot of gear or space. This makes it an ideal workout routine for life on the road in an RV or van.


Whether you’re a full-time RVer, a weekend warrior, or simply short on space, there are plenty of ways to stay fit and healthy on the road. From bodyweight exercises and compact fitness equipment to online fitness programs and HIIT workouts, there’s a routine out there for everyone. By prioritizing your health and wellness while on the road, you can maintain your fitness level, boost your energy, and feel your best, no matter where your RV life takes you. So, get out there, get moving, and enjoy all the adventures that the open road has to offer! 

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