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I recently attended a wellness expo in Nanaimo with my mom. This is the second time we have been. It s a good event with lots of great information and of course, some of the booths have prizes. I entered a few draws, I specifically remember being pressured to enter the Planet Fitness draw because I am very much not a gym person. I’m a yoga person, I love Yoga! I don’t love Gyms. They convinced me to enter because it was for the coveted ‘black card’ which includes tanning, hydro massage, total body enhancement machine, and massage chairs. I won, I wasn’t really that excited, but I have been full-time boondocking/winter camping in the Richmond area of the Lower Mainland. Planet Fitness is open 24 hours a day and has pretty decent showers. So my win was actually a really BIG WIN.

I don’t love going to the gym, I mentioned that I’ll probably mention it again, but I feel ok at P.F… It helps that it’s a necessity, I don’t currently have running water in Mercy (my camper van). I’m working 12 hours a day and need to be able to shower regularly. The place is not full of a bunch of gearheads or twinkies taking selfies and grunting in the mirror. The bathrooms are clean, the hydro massage is great, and I’m a super big fan of the total body enhancement machine. It has infrared lights and a shake plate. I know that infrared is good for you, who knows about the shake plate and if it has any effect on your body at all. I do usually do their 30-minute fitness circuit when I’m there so there are many benefits to this membership I did protest.

All in all a great space. I love the color scheme – purple! The staff isn’t overly amazing. Friendly, and polite, but a bit clueless. I would recommend it to friends if they asked me. I will probably renew my membership when I get back from Mexico. please note, I haven’t left for Mexico yet, I’m planning my trip.

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