Best Black Friday Deals: Your Ultimate Guide to Affordable RV Gear

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Introduction: Embracing the Shopping Season with Smart Choices

Not many North Americans out there have’t heard of black Fiday.  It’s original meaning came from the fact that if a business wasn’t in the black, meaning ahead of the game, by the 4th quarter, usually Thanksgiving Weekend in the US, then they were going to end the year in the negative.  Black Friday sales didn’t exist when I was a kid growing up in a small town on Vancouver Island in Canada.  

These days a lot of folks equate black Friday sales with Amazon, it’s like prime days for Amazon consumers.  But many online shops have their own black Friday sales.  I’m going to share some of the great deals that I’m keeping my eye on for Black Friday this year.  

Section 1: Unraveling the History of Black Friday

Black Friday’s origins are as fascinating as the deals it offers today. Coined to describe the chaos in Philadelphia during the 1960s after Thanksgiving, the term has evolved to symbolize one of the busiest shopping days in the United States. This day now signifies a global shopping festival, offering some of the year’s best deals. There is also ruminations that the name “Black Friday” refers to a company needing to be in the black financially going into the fourth quarter in order to turn profits for the year. Finding the best Black Friday deals is easier now a days becasue many start the week before and carry over to Cyber Monday.

Section 2: Beyond the Giants – Discovering Unique Deals

Black Friday isn’t just about Amazon or Walmart; it’s a day where diverse retailers, including specialized RV gear suppliers, offer significant discounts. By exploring these retailers, you can find unique and affordable RV gear that might not be available on larger platforms.

Section 3: The Best Black Friday Deals for RV Enthusiasts

This is a list of things that I would never want to be without in my RV. As someone who is currently living off grid my list has evolved quite a bit over the past few months. Winter and Summer are two completely different ball games when it comes to being off grid.

  1. Portable Jump Box – This one is strong enough to start a diesel engine, and I never leave home without it.
  2. Air Compressor-Another thing I won’t leave home without. This one has it’s own battery. It’s a good idea to have one that is compatible with whatever kind of power you have on board. I have a generator in both my rigs, so that isn’t a factor for me. It’s also important to buy one that goes high enough for your tires.
  3. Portable Power Bank – This technology is a game changer. I have an old jackery, but I recommend something with a faster charging system like the Bluetti.
  4. Portable Solar Panels: Keep your journey eco-friendly with affordable solar solutions.
  5. Collapsible table – I have a different style that this, but I like the version with the legs on the side so I can use it as a desk, most of the others have cross supports of some kind. I also like the adjustable height, can be a coffee table, cook station, or a desk.
  6. Folding Chair – I like the double seat so my dogs can sit next to me, also as a solo female it implies I might not be alone.
  7. Portable Speaker – have to have a Ultimate Ears so you can pair it with friends. It’s also waterproof so you can take it for a Paddle.
  8. USB Water dispenser – I absolutely love this upgrade from the hand pump style. My only complaint is that it doesn’t secure to the bottle and falls of in travel.
  9. Lithium House Battery – This is by far the most expensive but practical upgrade. Worth every penny to me, infact I’m about to purchase a second one, or a 200ah one, and put the 100ah in my Class A. Check out my blog post about choosing solar for your rig.
  10. Roof Mount Solar Panels – this is a link to the complete kit i bought off Amazon. I added the monitoring system and it was well worth it.
  11. Ninja Speedi – I love Ninja rapid cookers, this is the smallest one with the most functionality. Here’s the Amazon Link.
  12. Folding E-bike I love my Sondor’s, but there is some fear they might be going out of business. I am a big fan of the folding bikes from Rad and they are having a great sale!

I’d love to hear from you in the comment sections about what your MUST HAVE RV items are.

Section 4: My Personal Wishlist – Affordable RV Gear I Trust

As an RV enthusiast, my wishlist this Black Friday focuses on both utility and affordability but boondocking is a necessity now. Waiting for the best Black Friday deals is worth it when your wishlist is this large!

  • Fast Charging Portable Battery Bank – I love my jackery, but it’s old and takes for ever to charge, I want the new Renogy The 1000 is only 699!!!!!! It’s regularly 1249.99
  • Shade Sails: I’m eager to enhance my outdoor space with weather-resistant awnings. The offer protection from the elements and also for predator birds, my dogs are 6pounds. These would be great for the beach in Mexico too!
  • Portable Solar Panels – I am happy with my. roof mount ones, but I’d like to charge my portable power station while using my roof solar to charge my house battery
  • Ice machine
  • Battery operated fan – Off grid makes AC expensive! This will help me on those in between days. Also, who wants to listen to a generator running. Check out my blog post about portable fans.
  • The Beach Bub– This thing is amazing! In the windiest situations it will stay up.
  • Portable AC unit – I am obsessed with this new Zero Breeze portable air conditioner. I have a roof top and it’s great, but I want something that doesn’t drain my propane so quickly when I’m boondocking. Mind you my power draw has gone down significantly since installing my Soft Start, everyone needs one of these, seriously!!!
  • Strong magnets – This link is for 40lb strength with multiple color choices. My brother showed up with something similar to these in a Seacan and they are really handy and really strong.
  • Magnetic Roof Mount for Starlink – I really want to be able to drive with this system attached.
  • Van Bug Screens for back door – Mosquito Season Isn’t that far away. Van Sliding door Bug Sceen
  • Reverse Osmosis water purification – I want this for when I go to Mexico but I also need it for my well water.
  • Ez Znap RV Skirting – Never have I ever needed to skirt my Motorhome more than right now! It’s a lot colder in the Kootenays that the island.
  • Cubic mini – Winter dreams of sitting next to the in my Motorhome, winter, fall, spring, almost all the time except those 2 months that it’s hot in Beaverdell. This should actually be number 1.
  • Shower tent – I chose this beacuse it’s oversized and has a changing area to leave clothes etc. Who wants to walk around in a bathrobe!
  • Combination Jump Box and Air Compressor – when it comes to van life less is more, why have two machines taking up space, when you can have one that does both jobs!
  • Electric Kick Scooter – I have been wanting one of these since renting one with my brother in Kelowna this summer. Super easy fun way to get around! I want one with big tires for better use on rocky surfaces.

Each of these products is chosen for its blend of quality and affordability.

Conclusion: Making the Most of Black Friday

As we explore the best Black Friday deals, especially in affordable RV gear, it’s about making informed choices. This Black Friday, let’s shop smart, choosing deals that not only save money but also enhance our RV lifestyle.

best black friday deals

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