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A RVer’s Retreat: Unwinding at Cerritos Beach Hotel The Desert Moon Hotel is Welcome Oasis

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A Journey to Comfort: Van Life Meets Hotel Indulgence

 The open road is both home and pathway, offering a wealth of experiences, from the serene to the exhilarating. This lifestyle is a testament to freedom, with each day bringing a new adventure and the promise of undiscovered beauty. Yet, even the most devoted van lifers recognize the occasional longing for a different kind of escape — a pause from the constant motion, a moment to relish in comforts not often afforded on four wheels.  The draw of a solid floor beneath your feet and free flowing water calls to even the most seasoned road warrior.  

Tucked away in the rugged beauty of Baja California Sur, a stone’s throw from the soothing Pacific, lies a haven perfectly suited for such a respite. The Cerritos Beach Hotel, also known by its alternate name, the Desert Moon Hotel, extends an invitation to those of us who traverse the highways and byways in our vans. It offers more than just a break from the journey; it promises a restful experience, blending the spirit of van life with the indulgence of a hotel stay.

Here, at the edge of Cerritos Beach, the ethos of van living — the pursuit of freedom, the embrace of adventure, the love of uncharted terrains — converges with the delightful ammeneties of hotel accommodation. Picture starting your day not within the cozy confines of your van, but amidst the hot running water a hotel can offer, with the ocean’s melody as your morning call. Yet, your cherished van awaits right outside, a steadfast companion ready to whisk you away when the road calls once more.

This is the essence of finding balance between the nomadic and the stationary, where the simplicity of van life meets the comfort and serenity of a luxurious oasis. Welcome to A Van Lifer’s Retreat: Unwinding at Desert Moon Hotels Luxurious Oasis.

Seaside and Stay: The Best of Cerritos Beach

Cerritos Beach, nestled along the sun-drenched coast of Baja California Sur, holds a charm that’s both understated and captivating. Known for its golden sands stretching under the vast expanse of blue skies, this slice of paradise offers a tranquil escape from the hustle of everyday life. The gentle murmur of the Pacific Ocean waves sets a rhythmic backdrop for days spent basking in the sun or strolling along the shore.

Just steps away from this serene beachfront, the Cerritos Beach Hotel presents itself as an idyllic companion to the natural allure of Cerritos Beach. Its proximity to the ocean means you’re never more than a few minutes away from feeling the sand beneath your feet or diving into the refreshing embrace of the sea. For those who’ve made their home on the road, the hotel serves as a gateway to the best of both worlds — the unbridled freedom of van life and the simple pleasures of beachside leisure.

Cerritos Beach is a perfect backdrop for those seeking a blend of adventure and relaxation. Here, the beauty of Baja California Sur is more than just a view; it’s an experience, inviting travelers to pause and soak in the moment.

Beyond the Van Door: Welcomed by Cerritos Beach Hotel / Desert Moon hotel

​​Rolling up to any hote after being off the grid living full time van life, felt like crossing into a different world. The transition from the driver’s seat of my van to the steps of the hotel was a blend of anticipation and curiosity. My first glimpse of the hotel confirmed what I had heard: nestled on the side of a steep hill, its architecture promised every guest a view of the ocean, a scenic panorama of the Pacific’s vast expanse laid out before them.

The absence of an elevator, while noticeable, added to the hotel’s charm, emphasizing its integration with the natural landscape. Navigating the myriad of stairs became a small adventure in itself, each step offering a new angle of the breathtaking vista that makes Cerritos Beach so captivating.

Welcomed as a guest through the generosity of friends already staying there, I was privy to a unique experience. For a van lifer accustomed to the simplicity and confines of my mobile home, the hotel’s open arms and the immediate sense of belonging were profoundly touching. The welcoming atmosphere was palpable, from the warm greetings of the staff to the inviting communal spaces that beckoned for relaxation and social interaction.

The hotel’s aesthetic appeal was undeniable. Built to complement its hillside perch, each room, including the one I would call mine for the night, boasted an unobstructed view of the ocean. The sight was a vivid reminder of the beauty that lies in exploring and the serenity that can be found when we pause to look out at the horizon.

From Sunset Views to Creative Hues: Experiencing Cerritos Beach Hotel

Beautiful Infinity Pool

Desert Moon Hotel
Cerritos Beach Hotel

At the heart of this hotel lies its stunning pool, a veritable oasis that beckons every guest to its tranquil waters. Surrounded by lush greenery, the pool area is designed with relaxation in mind, offering a serene escape from the day’s adventures. The ambiance here is one of leisurely comfort, where time seems to slow down as you bask in the warmth of the sun or take a refreshing dip. It’s not just a pool; it’s a centerpiece of the hotel’s commitment to providing a haven of relaxation.

Pet-Friendly Policy

Understanding the bond between travelers and their pets, the hotel embraces a pet-friendly policy that stands out, especially for those of us on the road with our furry companions. Check out my blog post about traveling with dogs. This inclusivity means that our adventures don’t have to pause at the hotel’s doorstep. Instead, they’re welcomed in, ensuring that the joy and companionship our pets bring can be part of the experience here. For RVers who consider their pets as part of the family, this policy is a testament to the hotel’s thoughtful hospitality.

Rooftop Deck

A jewel in the hotel’s crown is undoubtedly the rooftop deck. This space offers unparalleled views of the surrounding landscape, where the ocean meets the sky in a breathtaking panorama. It’s a place to gather, reflect, and soak in the beauty of Baja California Sur. The rooftop becomes especially magical at sunset, where the sky’s changing colors provide a stunning backdrop to an evening of relaxation or socializing. Enjoying a delicious piña colada here as the sun dips below the horizon is a memory etched in permanence, a moment of pure bliss.

On-Site Dining and Bar

The convenience and quality of the on-site dining and bar at The Desert Moon Hotel cannot be overstated. Offering a selection of dishes and drinks that cater to a variety of tastes, the dining experience here adds another layer of comfort to your stay. Whether it’s savoring a standout dish that captures the local flavors or enjoying a crafted cocktail, the culinary offerings are a highlight. The bar, with its friendly atmosphere, invites guests to unwind and enjoy the pleasures of vacation life.

Other Amenities

Beyond these features, the hotel boasts a range of amenities designed to enhance your stay. Reliable WiFi keeps you connected to the world beyond the hotel’s serene environment, while room service offers the ultimate convenience for those moments when you prefer to relax in the comfort of your room. Though not utilized during my stay, the mention of available spa services piqued my interest, suggesting another layer of relaxation for guests to explore.

Adding to the Cerritos Beach Hotel’s charm is a unique art installation that captures the creative spirit of its guests. Spread across the main floor, visitors are greeted by an array of rocks, each transformed into a piece of art by previous guests. This communal project invites everyone to leave a mark of their visit, contributing to a growing tapestry that tells a story of travel, art, and shared experiences. The collection of painted rocks serves not just as decoration but as a testament to the hotel’s commitment to creating a space where guests can engage, connect, and express themselves.

Despite the allure of participating in this creative endeavor, I opted to admire from a distance. The selection of paint colors available during my visit was limited to black and blue, a palette that felt too restrictive for the burst of expression I had in mind. Nonetheless, observing the variety of designs and messages left by others was a reminder of the diverse paths that converge at this hotel. Each rock, with its unique colors and shapes, added to the vibrant mosaic of guest experiences, illustrating the rich tapestry of lives that have passed through the hotel’s doors.

This art installation is not just an aesthetic feature; it’s an interactive experience that underscores the hotel’s sense of community and creativity. It invites guests to leave a piece of themselves behind, fostering a sense of belonging and connection among travelers from all walks of life. Even without adding my own painted rock to the collection, the installation left a lasting impression, highlighting the hotel’s dedication to creating memorable, shared experiences for all who visit.

Sleeping in the Van on Site: A Unique Blend of Freedom and Luxury

Even as I embraced the indulgent comforts of Cerritos Beach Hotel, my van — my steadfast companion on countless roads — remained my chosen sanctuary for the night. Parked in the public area behind the hotel, a spot frequented by surfers catching the early waves, I found a seamless integration of my van life with the hotel’s luxury. This arrangement, unconventional yet perfectly suited to my needs, encapsulated the essence of my journey: the freedom of the open road coupled with moments of unexpected luxury.

The hotel’s welcoming approach extended beyond its doors, allowing me to enjoy the best of both worlds. As a guest, I had full access to the amenities — the refreshing pool, the vibrant rooftop deck, and even the communal art project. Yet, when the day waned, it was to the familiar confines of my van I returned. This unique setup catered to a desire for autonomy without forgoing the pleasures of a hotel stay.

Parking behind the hotel, in an area that seemed to offer a nod of camaraderie to those who live their lives in motion, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of belonging. The area, though primarily utilized by surfers, hinted at an unspoken understanding that the spirit of adventure comes in many forms. I was there, in my van, yet fully a part of the hotel’s guest tapestry.

This experience — sleeping in my van while enjoying guest privileges — underscored a broader theme of my travels: the blend of simplicity and indulgence, of freedom and belonging. Cerritos Beach Hotel, with its open-hearted hospitality, provided a backdrop for this delicate balance, offering a reminder that the road less traveled often leads to the most memorable destinations.

Recharging the Van Life Way: Embracing Hotel Comforts on the Road

The allure of the open road, the ever-changing landscapes, and the freedom to roam are the quintessential elements of Van life. Yet, integrating a hotel stay can add a new dimension to this nomadic lifestyle. Here are some compelling advantages for van lifers considering a temporary shift from their vans to the welcoming arms of a hotel:

Enhanced Security: 

While the RV community is adept at finding safe places to park and rest, the added security of a hotel stay can provide peace of mind. At The Desert Moon Hotel, the security of personal belongings, the vehicle itself, and the safety of the travelers are taken care of, allowing for a more relaxed and worry-free experience.

Unmatched Comfort: Even the most lovingly outfitted van has space and comfort limitations. Stepping into a hotel room offers a spacious and comfortable environment to stretch out, unwind, and enjoy a restful night’s sleep in a proper bed. It’s a luxury that recharges the body and spirit, preparing you for more adventures ahead.

Access to Amenities: Hotels offer amenities that might be hard to come by on the road. From the luxury of a pool, the relaxation of a spa, to the convenience of on-site dining and bars, these facilities enhance the travel experience. At The Desert Moon Hotel, amenities like the beautiful pool, pet-friendly policy, and the rooftop deck not only provide enjoyment but also a sense of indulgence that complements the simplicity of van life.

Opportunity to Meet Other Travelers: 

One of the joys of travel is the people you meet along the way. While RV parks and campgrounds have their communities, hotels offer a different mix of travelers. Staying at a hotel can broaden your social circle, allowing for the exchange of stories, tips, and perhaps even forming new friendships with those who share a love for adventure but from different walks of life.

A Break from Routine: 

Living and traveling in any RV is an incredible experience, but it can also become monotonous. A hotel stay breaks this routine, offering a change of scenery and a break from the daily tasks associated with Van living, like maintenance and cooking. It’s a chance to refresh and enjoy a different pace of life, even if just for a short while.  Not to mention the ability to stretch and use a real shower without a time limit on hot water.

Wrapping Up: The Real Deal on Hotel Breaks for RVers

After spending a few days at Cerritos Beach Hotel while still calling my van ‘home’ at night, I’ve got to say, the experience hit differently than I expected. It’s one thing to be constantly on the move, finding new spots to park and sleep, and it’s another to park up at a place that offers a bit more comfort without abandoning the van life vibe.

This hotel, with its welcoming atmosphere, pet-friendly policy, and killer views, proved to be an ideal spot for someone like me looking to mix things up without going all in on traditional accommodation. You’ve got the freedom to roam and then come back to a place where you can take a dip in the pool, enjoy a sunset drink on the rooftop, or even just catch up on some Wi-Fi action without the usual hustle of setting up camp.

For fellow RVers thinking about a similar break, here’s the lowdown: consider adding a hotel stay into your journey every now and then. It offers a refreshing change of pace, a chance to recharge, and, let’s be honest, a shower that’s not cramped into a van-sized bathroom is pretty sweet.

If you’re eyeing a stay at Cerritos Beach Hotel, here’s a tip: check out their off-season deals for better rates, and don’t shy away from asking if they’ve got space for your van. Most importantly, keep an open mind about blending your van life with occasional hotel stays. It’s all about balance and enjoying the journey, after all.

So, whether you’re looking to break the routine, enjoy some added security and comfort, or just fancy meeting other travelers outside the usual campsite crowd, a hotel break might just be what you need. And Cerritos Beach Hotel? Definitely worth considering for that blend of adventure and a touch of luxury.

A Shoutout to Shaka’s Restaurant and Bar

No recount of my time at Cerritos Beach would be complete without tipping my hat to Shaka’s Restaurant and Bar. This place became our nightly haunt, where the food, drinks, and vibes were just right. Shaka’s, with its lively atmosphere, not only served up delicious meals but also became a center for evening entertainment. Whether it was live music that set the tone for the night or the excitement of watching major sporting events with a crowd, the energy here was infectious.

The owners of Shaka’s have something special going on. They’ve created a spot that feels welcoming to everyone, from locals to travelers just passing through. Their warmth and hospitality are part of what made every visit memorable. It’s rare to find a place where you feel like a regular from your first visit, but Shaka’s nailed it.

For fellow RVers and travelers making their way to Cerritos Beach, make sure to spend an evening (or several) at Shaka’s. Whether you’re there to enjoy the live music, catch a game, or just soak up the friendly atmosphere over a meal and drinks, it’s the perfect way to cap off your day. The owners’ delightful presence and the chance to mingle with other guests and locals alike add an extra layer of joy to the experience

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