Spin Class Nanaimo BC, Canada: Great Way to Stay in Shape on the Road

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Spin Class Nanaimo BC Canada

I am an Island girl. I grew up in Nanaimo, BC Canada. I spend a lot of time there, my folks live in Nanaimo. Sometimes it’s hard to see a place from an outsiders perspective. Nanaimo is a seaside town with a lot of really great things to do. This article is a bit about Nanaimo, and a lot about a boutique fitness studio Called Zen Revolution.

Destination: Nanaimo, BC Canada 

Nanaimo is a city located on the east coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. It is the second largest city on Vancouver Island, with a population of approximately 100,000 people.

Nanaimo is known for its natural beauty, with stunning views of the ocean, forests, and mountains. The city is surrounded by parks and nature reserves, including Westwood Lake, Neck Point Park, and Newcastle Island Marine Provincial Park, which offer opportunities for hiking, swimming, and other outdoor activities.

The city’s downtown area is home to a vibrant arts and culture scene, with galleries, theaters, and live music venues showcasing local talent. Nanaimo is also famous for its iconic dessert, the Nanaimo bar, which is a no-bake dessert consisting of a chocolate and coconut base, a layer of custard, and a layer of chocolate on top.

In addition, Nanaimo is a hub for transportation, serving as a gateway to Vancouver Island and connecting to other cities and towns in the region through its airport, ferry terminal, and highway system.

Overall, Nanaimo is a picturesque and welcoming city with plenty to offer visitors and residents alike.  I grew up here.  I spend a lot of time here, my folks live here, and my closest friend lives here. 

Things to Do in Nanaimo

Nanaimo is a hidden gem on the east coast of Vancouver Island. It’s the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy the great outdoors. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing beach day or an adrenaline-fueled adventure, Nanaimo has got you covered.

First up, you’ve gotta check out the stunning parks and nature reserves in the area. Westwood Lake is a personal favorite – pack a picnic and spend the day swimming, kayaking, or simply soaking up the sunshine. Feeling more adventurous? Head to WildPlay Nanaimo and try your hand at bungee jumping or ziplining through the trees. Just don’t forget to take a moment to enjoy the breathtaking views.

After all that excitement, it’s time to refuel. Nanaimo is known for a wide range of dining establishments, so make sure to hit up some of the local restaurants and bars for some delicious eats and drinks. And of course, you can’t leave without trying a Nanaimo bar – trust us, it’s worth the hype.

For those looking to stay active during their vacation, there are plenty of fitness studios to choose from. Check out Modo Yoga Nanaimo, read my review here, or Planet Fitness in the North end.  My most recent fitness adventure in a spin class Nanaimo at Zen Revolution Spin and Yoga downtown.  

What is Spin?

Spin class is an exercise class that takes place on a stationary bike. It is usually a high-intensity cycling workout that combines interval training and strength training with the help of a music-filled atmosphere. During spin class, instructors lead riders through a range of exercises designed to provide intense cardiovascular training and build strength, endurance, and coordination. 

Spin classes are a great way to stay in shape and get your heart rate up. Through the use of interval training, you can challenge yourself to reach new limits and vary your routine as needed. The music helps to keep riders motivated and energized throughout the workout. Each class also focuses on several muscle groups in order to provide a full-body workout. Not only is spin a great way to get fit and stay healthy, but it’s also really fun. 

Spin is ok for folks who have back injuries, I took care to stay seated for the class as I’m suffering with a back injury at the moment. I was still able to get in a great workout with little to no discomfort to my mid back. In some cases, spin classes may actually be beneficial for people with certain injuries. For example, if you have a knee injury that makes high-impact exercises like running painful, spin classes can provide a low-impact cardiovascular workout that doesn’t put as much pressure on your joints.

What to Look For in a Fitness Studio

When it comes to finding a fitness studio for van life or nomad life, there are certain factors to consider. The most important thing is to make sure that the studio you choose offers fitness classes or equipment you enjoy. Many fitness studios offer classes at different levels of intensity so you can choose what is right for you. It’s also important to look at the overall atmosphere and vibe.  I personally won’t join a studio if it doesn’t have a shower.  If I’m on the road I can’t always shower in my Van, maybe it’s winterized, or the tanks are full, or the tanks are empty.  Whatever the reason, if a fitness studio doesn’t have a shower and I don’t feel welcome to use it, I won’t join.  

If I am settling into a location for more than a week, one of the first things I will do is scope out the local fitness studios.  Usually, I’m all about yoga, but I thought I would give a spin class a whirl, pun intended!  I have a strained back and I’ve heard this form of exercise is low-impact but very challenging.  


Spin class Nanaimo

Looking for a spin class Nanaimo that offers a supportive community and a variety of classes to challenge your mind and body? Zen Revolution claims to be just that.

This boutique fitness studio offers well-designed spin, yoga, and barre classes led by experienced instructors who are passionate about helping you reach your fitness and decompression goals. Their open-minded and hardworking community is always up for a challenge, and they love to have a good time while they sweat it out.

In addition to the physical benefits of exercise, Zen Revolution focuses on the mind-body connection. By being present in your breath, mindful of your body, and pushing your heart a little harder, you’ll find exercise to be a powerful tool for stress release and refreshed perspective.

Located in the heart of downtown Nanaimo, Zen Revolution provides a bright and beautiful spin studio space to work out. They have 16 spots available for spin classes and 14 spots available for yoga and barre classes, making it easy to find a class that fits your schedule.

Whether you’re looking for stress relief, to boost your cardiovascular capacity, or simply want to challenge yourself to try something new, Zen Revolution is dedicated to providing great classes to support your body’s needs. So why not try something new and join this inspiring community today?

My Experience at Zen Revolution Nanaimo

I participated in three classes at this spin studio.  Every class I took had a different instructor.  In each class I felt very welcome in the studio. The instructors are welcoming and engaging and some of my fellow classmates even introduced themselves to me (that doesn’t happen at most yoga studios).  

At my first spin class Nanaimo, the instructor took a moment to show me how to set up the bike to my height and measurements.  In my second class, I forgot how to do all this and had to be shown again!  No problem though, my second class was with the owner of the studio Sarah.  She seems really great.  Easy to talk to, great energy level.

In my first two spin classes, I had a really hard time understanding the verbal cues, but you really do figure it out quickly regardless of this.  Everyone goes at their own pace and sets their own resistance on the bikes.  It’s a great form of training through spin.  

The second day that I went they didn’t unlock the front door and I had to call to find out why this is.  Downtown Nanaimo, like most cities in North America right now, has a fairly sketchy undertone.  So for safety reasons, they suggest you park in the back at the pay parking area and enter through the back door. Me being a super thrifty van lifer, I parked in the front where it was free for 2 hours.  I felt completely safe doing so, even though you could see a few homeless folks outside.  Trust your judgment folks!

General Information About Zen Revolution Spin Class Nanaimo

There are two shower stalls here, the staff are happy to stay and let you take a shower after.  The showers are completely self-contained so for you fellow van life enthusiasts you could get a really refreshing shower in here.  

I’m not sure if this is a new spin studio in town, if there is a shortage of instructors, or if they just don’t fill up their classes but I found there to be a lack of options for classes.  They currently offer roughly two or three classes a day.  They have a mix of Spin, Barre, and Yin with the focus being mostly on Spin.  

They have enough bikes and none of the classes I went to were completely full.  I like that you choose your bike beforehand to eliminate that need to get there ridiculously early to choose your favorite spot!  The spin studio doesn’t open its doors more than 15 minutes before the class starts.  I’m not sure how that works on Yoga classes, perhaps there are numbers on the floor, I didn’t get a chance to take a yoga class, but I would have liked to.  I might give them a try but my one-week trial, only 35$ by the way, has ended.  I’ll see if they reach out with any offers for membership and update this article if I try another class.

Pricing and Location

At Zen Revolution spin studio, there are a variety of pricing options available for those interested in taking classes. The drop-in option is priced at $17 for a single use of any class available through the studio’s regular schedule.

For yoga classes, the studio recommends purchasing the Yoga Prop Package for $5 if you do not have your own props. This fee covers the resources needed to supply and maintain these yoga props.

There are also several package options available. The Newbie package is a one-week unlimited trial priced at $35, valid for 7 days from booking the first class and limited to new accounts/users. The 10-session package is priced at $150, working out to $15 per class plus taxes. The 20-session package is priced at $280, working out to $14 per class plus taxes.

For those interested in a more long-term commitment, there is an Annual Membership option priced at $150 per month with a 1-year commitment required and a recurring monthly fee. The benefits of this membership include 2-week advanced booking to ensure you have your favourite bike, and a 10% discount on all workshops, merchandise and services.  

Personally, I like a fitness studio that will allow unlimited weekly or monthly pricing.  when I’m in a location for work or vacation I usually like to stay for more than a week, I find a monthly unlimited pass really motivates me to get in and get my money’s worth!  So many studios require the monthly unlimited to be a year-long commitment.  Not great for nomads like me!

Zen Revolution Fitness Studio is located at 1022 Comox Rd in Nanaimo BC.

Conclusion: Spin in General and Spin at Zen Revolution

As far as fitness training goes, spin is really great! It gets your heart rate up and you can adjust it to fit your own needs.  It’s a great form of cardiovascular training and the music really gets you into it.  This was the first spin studio I have ever been to and I don’t have anything negative to say.  It is a beautiful studio with lots of windows and good airflow.  

I found Zen Revolution to be a great boutique fitness studio to practice spin, the instructors were knowledgeable, friendly, and welcoming. The spin studio was clean and offered enough bikes for everyone in attendance. I would definitely recommend this place as an option for spin classes in Nanaimo BC Canada.

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