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Irresistable Slippers

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TikTok made me do it… Just kidding I don’t know how to use TikTok, but I’m assured that the reels I watch on Instagram are TikTok’s … anyway, I’m showing my age.  I bought these slippers because I needed new slippers and I have always loved happy faces, aka smiley face emojis, aka “acid badges” for all you folks over 50.  

Slipper Checklist 

– cozy but not too hot  

– hard sole so can take dogs outside

– slip on and off easily but stay on foot

– cute would wear to laundromat, shower house etc at RV park or work

These little cuties tick off all those boxes.  My only concern is how they will age due to the light colour, but they come in black too, so that’s an option if you’re worried about this. These slippers are an easy gift for anyone who lives in an RV or who practices yoga at a studio, basically anyone who has feet! I didn’t know they came in pink!!!! I might be buying a second pair.

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