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Ride Smarter, Ride Safer: Unveiling the Best Smart Helmet Reviews for Cyclists

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Introduction: Reinventing Safety with Connected Helmets

Cycling, whether for leisure, fitness, or commuting, has always been popular, and safety has been a persistent concern for cyclists. Traditional helmets have played a significant role in ensuring safety, but with technological advancements, cycling gear has evolved and entered a new era with Smart Helmets.

Embracing Technology: The Emergence of Smart Helmets

Technology is revolutionizing how we perceive safety and convenience in cycling. These helmets are no longer just simple protective headgear. They are equipped with a plethora of cutting-edge features, including integrated lights, turn signals, GPS, Bluetooth speakers, and even collision detection systems that can alert emergency services. As a result, they play a vital role in enhancing the safety, convenience, and overall cycling experience.

Our objective with this blog post is to delve into the world of intelligent headgear, explore their features, and help you understand what they offer.

Objective: Guiding You Towards a Safer Cycling Experience

Through in-depth reviews and comparison of some of the best devices in the market, we aim to provide a comprehensive guide that will help you make an informed choice. By examining the key features, safety aspects, technology integrations, and user experiences of each helmet, we’ll guide you in selecting the one that best aligns with your needs.

Ultimately, our goal is to highlight the significance these devices in today’s cycling world, and equip you with the knowledge you need to make a wise, safety-enhancing decision for your cycling journeys.

Stay tuned as we embark on this exploration of cycling’s smartest protective gear.

smart helmet reviews

Unveiling the Future: What Are Smart Helmets?

These new helmets represent a new era in the realm of cycling safety gear. These innovative helmets go beyond the basic function of a traditional bicycle helmet by incorporating advanced technology to provide a host of additional features aimed at ensuring rider safety, convenience, and an enriched cycling experience.

From Basic to Smart: The Evolution of Bike Helmets

Bike helmets have come a long way from their humble beginnings. Initially, they were nothing more than hard shells designed to protect the rider’s head from physical impacts during a fall or collision. However, as technology has advanced, so too has the humble bike helmet. It has evolved into something far more sophisticated and intelligent: the smart helmet.

Smart Helmets Defined: Beyond Basic Protection

So, what exactly are these fancy new helmets? At their core, these devices carry forward the basic premise of a traditional bicycle helmet – to provide safety. But they take this a step further. These new technologically advanced headgear are equipped with integrated technologies that enhance not just the safety, but also the comfort and convenience of riders.

These devices deliver a two-pronged approach to safety. First, they offer physical protection similar to traditional helmets. They are designed to absorb the impact force during a fall or collision, reducing the risk of serious head injuries. But where these new devices truly shine is in their second aspect of safety – the digital intelligence.

Embracing the Future: Digital Intelligence in Smart Helmets

These amazing new helmets add a layer of digital intelligence to your ride. They are fitted with cutting-edge features like LED lights to increase visibility, turn signals to communicate your intentions to other road users, and even built-in speakers for hands-free communication or music enjoyment during your ride.

This isn’t all. Some of these devices go the extra mile with high-tech features such as GPS navigation, voice controls, and collision detection systems. These features not only contribute to safety but also enhance the overall riding experience by offering elements of convenience and connectivity.

In essence, the transformation from basic to smart, these helmets represents a significant stride in cycling safety. With their combination of traditional protection and advanced technology, these devices are setting a new standard for safety and comfort in the world of cycling.

Key Features and Benefits: Unpacking the Potential of Smart Helmets

These helmets offer a myriad of features that set them apart from their conventional counterparts. From built-in LED lights for better visibility, turn signals for indicating your direction to others on the road, to Bluetooth speakers for hands-free communication or music enjoyment during your ride. Some even offer advanced features like GPS navigation, voice controls, and collision detection systems that can alert emergency services if an accident occurs.

Navigating Your Choices: Selecting the Right Helmet

Navigating the diverse array of connected helmets on the market might seem daunting, but by focusing on your individual needs, you can find a helmet that checks all the right boxes for you.

The right device for you isn’t necessarily the one with the longest list of features or the flashiest design. Instead, it’s the helmet that aligns best with your specific needs and riding conditions. Consider what kind of cycling you typically engage in. Are you a daily commuter who needs a helmet with excellent visibility features like integrated lights? Or are you a mountain biker who values a sturdy helmet with a comfortable fit for those long, challenging trails?

Look at each feature offered and ask yourself if it contributes to your safety, comfort, or convenience on your rides. If a feature doesn’t seem useful for your riding conditions or style, then having it might not be essential.

While some may appear sleek and modern, it’s important to ensure they don’t compromise on comfort and fit. Even the most technologically advanced helmet won’t be beneficial if it’s uncomfortable to wear or doesn’t fit correctly.

Comfort and safety go hand in hand when it comes to helmets. A comfortable helmet is one that you’ll wear consistently, and consistent use is crucial for your safety. A helmet that feels too tight or too loose, or one that causes discomfort, is less likely to be worn regularly. That’s why checking the fit and trying on different sizes if possible is vital.

In essence, choosing the right device involves understanding your specific needs and expectations from a helmet, and then matching these with the different features and specifications of what’s available in the market. It’s about striking the right balance between safety, comfort, technological features, and personal preference. It might take some time and research, but the end result – a device that significantly enhances your safety and enjoyment on the road – is well worth it.

Safety First: Understanding Safety Certifications

Start by ensuring the helmet you choose meets the necessary safety standards. Look for helmets that have been certified by recognized organizations like CPSC, EN1078, or Snell. These certifications give you the assurance that the helmet is designed to provide robust protection in the event of a crash.

Fit and Comfort: The Key to Enjoyable Rides

The fit of your helmet is paramount. A well-fitting comfortable helmet provides effective protection and enhances the experience of your ride. Look for helmets with adjustable straps and multiple size options. Some also offer advanced fitting systems for a more customized fit.

Comfort isn’t just about fit, though. Consider factors like ventilation, weight, and the interior padding of the helmet. A lightweight, well-ventilated helmet with comfortable padding will make your rides much more enjoyable.

Battery Life: Powering Your Smart Helmet

These devices require power for their intelligent features. Therefore, pay attention to the battery life. Depending on their features, they may offer anywhere from a few hours to several days of battery life. Assess your riding habits and choose a helmet with a battery life that fits your needs.

Balancing Features and Needs: Finding Your Perfect Smart Helmet

While it might be tempting to go for a helmet with the most features, it’s important to consider which ones you’ll actually use. Are built-in speakers and Bluetooth connectivity important to you? Or do you value safety features like LED lights and turn signals more? Perhaps you’re a tech enthusiast who would love a helmet with voice control or a collision alert system.

When assessing your personal requirements, consider the kind of cycling you do, the typical conditions you ride in, and the features that would most enhance your safety and enjoyment on the bike. This will help you match your needs with the right smart helmet.

In the world of smart helmets, there’s a fit for every rider. By taking into consideration safety certifications, fit, comfort, battery life, and features, you’re sure to find the perfect smart helmet for your next cycling adventure.

MIPS Certification: Upping the Safety Game in Bike Helmets

MIPS, or Multi-directional Impact Protection System, is a technology used in helmets, including bike helmets, designed to protect your brain in case of a crash. This technology was developed after extensive research into brain injuries and is now integrated into many helmets across different sports.

Traditional helmets are designed to protect your head from direct impacts. They do a good job of absorbing the force of a straight-on collision, reducing the risk of skull fractures and other similar injuries. However, most real-world bike crashes involve not just direct impacts, but also rotational forces. When you fall off your bike at an angle, your head is likely to hit the ground in a way that causes it to rotate. This rotation can lead to strain in your brain, resulting in serious injuries.

This is where MIPS comes into the picture. Helmets with MIPS technology have a low-friction layer inside the helmet that allows a small amount of rotation of the helmet around your head when it hits the ground. This rotation helps to reduce the amount of rotational force that could otherwise be transferred to your brain, thereby reducing the risk of brain injury.

The MIPS technology has been subjected to rigorous testing and research, and helmets that feature this technology are often considered to be safer than those without. However, it’s worth noting that all helmets sold in many countries must meet certain safety standards, so even helmets without MIPS should provide a baseline level of protection.

When choosing a bike helmet, consider opting for one with MIPS technology. While it may cost a bit more, the additional protection it provides to your brain could prove invaluable. After all, when it comes to safety, investing in the best technology available is always a wise decision.

Top 11 Smart Helmet Reviews 

Helmet 1: Kracess

The KRACESS is a compelling choice for cyclists, offering several key features that enhance your riding experience. Firstly, it features remote control turn signals, making it easy to alert other bikers or pedestrians for improved safety on the road. Additionally, the helmet boasts an adjustable fit, accommodating head circumferences of 22-24.4 inches, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit for a wide range of users.

Capture your cycling adventures with the integrated 1080p action camera, allowing you to record your rides for an impressive three to six hours. Relive your favorite moments and effortlessly share them with friends and family. The helmet also offers Bluetooth connectivity, enabling you to stream music and make hands-free calls, allowing you to stay connected while riding without distractions.

Comfort is prioritized with the inclusion of soft ear pads, providing a cushioning effect and ensuring a comfortable fit during long rides. The helmet’s tinted magnetic face guard offers sun protection, shielding your eyes from harmful rays while still allowing clear visibility, ensuring a safe and enjoyable cycling experience.

With a built-in memory card of 64GB, the helmet offers ample storage capacity, allowing you to save all your favorite moments. Capture your adventures and easily share them with your loved ones.

Product Pros

  • built in camera
  • removable faceguard
  • remote turn signals
  • adjustable size
  • soft ear pads
  • built in 64gig memory card
  • 676 5 star smart helmet reviews
  • under 200$

Product Cons

  • Poor audio quality
  • Microphone not great
  • below average video quality

Helmet 2: Livall BH51M

The LIVALL BH51M helmet is feature-packed and offers automatic lighting, music/voice control, and Bluetooth connectivity. It comes with built-in stereo speakers, an inbuilt microphone for hands-free calls, and compatibility with the LIVALL app, Strava, iHealth, and Siri.

One of the notable features of this helmet is its automatic inductive lighting, which activates when it detects darkness. The lighting wraps around the entire helmet, ensuring improved visibility and safety during nighttime rides.

The helmet boasts a 10-hour battery life and can be easily charged using a Micro USB. In case of an accident, the helmet’s SOS alert feature with GPS location can notify designated contacts. Additionally, the helmet is fully waterproof, making it suitable for cycling enthusiasts who enjoy riding in various weather conditions.

With its innovative features and convenience, the LIVALL BH51M helmet caters to both safety-conscious individuals and music lovers who want to enjoy their favorite tunes while cycling.

Product Pros

  • automatic lighting and music/voice control
  • Built-in stereo speakers and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Inbuilt microphone for hands-free
  • SOS alert with GPS location
  • Fully waterproof
  • over200 5 star smart helmet reviews
  • under 200$

Product Cons

  • Product Con 1
  • No front light

Helmet 3: Livall MT1

The Livall is available in two color options: black and grey, or black and red. It incorporates LED lights, SOS alerts, Bluetooth compatibility, and a high-quality speaker.

Although it does not have built-in indicators, the helmet compensates for this by featuring eight LED tail lights and bicycle indicators, enhancing safety while cycling. In the event of an accident, the Livall Riding app can send notifications to emergency contacts, providing an added layer of security.

With the Smart Bling Jet controller, users can conveniently answer calls, capture photos, and control music without having to reach for their devices. This multifunctional controller adds to the helmet’s versatility.

While offering a more affordable option, the Livall still delivers numerous impressive features that cater to the needs of cyclists.

Product Pros

  • LED lights for added visibility
  • SOS alerts for emergency situations
  • Bluetooth compatibility for music and other functions
  • Smart Bling Jet controller for added convenience
  • over 200 5 star smart helmet reviews
  • under $150

Product Cons

  • No brake lights and front light
  • No indicators like the BH60SE model
  • limited colour choices

Helmet 4: Coros Safesound 

The COROS helmet is an excellent choice for cyclists seeking a combination of quality and affordability. It is equipped with essential components such as a protective visor, EPS impact foam padding, and a durable polycarbonate shell, ensuring optimal safety.

In addition to its fundamental features, the COROS helmet offers advanced functionalities that enhance the cycling experience. The inclusion of SafeSound technology guarantees high-quality sound output, allowing users to enjoy their favorite music or make hands-free calls while on the go. The wind-resistant microphone ensures clear and uninterrupted conversations, even in challenging conditions.

To further prioritize safety, the helmet incorporates LED lights with automatic settings, providing increased visibility and reducing the risk of accidents in low-light environments. In the event of an emergency, the helmet’s SOS alert system becomes invaluable. It instantly transmits the rider’s location to pre-established contacts, ensuring prompt assistance and peace of mind.

Overall, the COROS helmet combines intelligence, comfort, and security, making it an ideal choice for cyclists who value both safety and innovative technology without compromising affordability.

Product Pros

  • adjustable visor
  • sound quality technology
  • wind resistant microphone
  • programmable LED lights
  • Emergency SOS alert
  • over 108 5 star smart helmet reviews
  • under $125

Product Cons

  • lighting lacking smart featrues

Helmet 5: Sena X1

The Sena X1 stands out as a distinctive device that prioritizes music, sound, and communication over smart lighting features. Its key highlight is the integration of Bluetooth technology, enabling the connection of two devices simultaneously. Moreover, the helmet incorporates a duplex intercom system that allows up to four individuals to communicate with each other at a distance of 900 meters, making it an ideal choice for group cycling activities.

What sets the Sena X1 apart is its ability to provide a seamless music and radio experience while maintaining awareness of the surrounding sounds. With hands-free connectivity, users can enjoy their favorite tunes without compromising their ability to hear the environment. Although the helmet lacks lighting technology, it compensates by offering compatibility with health apps that cater to cycling profiles.

Designed for those who cycle in groups or seek an exceptional musical experience during their rides, the Sena X1 proves to be a perfect choice. It ensures safety and allows users to enjoy their favorite music while cycling, providing an unparalleled and immersive experience.

Product Pros

  • focused on music quality
  • connect 2 devices
  • intercom system
  • health app connectivity
  • around $100

Product Cons

  • lacking lighting technology

No Speakers helmets 

Helmet 6: Lumos Matrix

The Lumos Matrix is an exceptional and stands at the forefront of technology and boasts a futuristic design. Its standout feature is the customizable Matrix lighting system, which allows users to display unique patterns and messages, adding a touch of personalization. The helmet also incorporates powerful 1000-lumen front and rear lights, providing 360-degree visibility for enhanced safety. Additionally, it features turn signals and auto brake signals to further improve communication on the road.

In terms of comfort, the Lumos Matrix excels with its lightweight construction and four air vents, ensuring a pleasant and well-ventilated riding experience. The helmet boasts an impressive 10-hour battery life, allowing for extended usage, and requires only five hours to fully recharge. Compatibility with the Lumos Companion App further enhances its functionality and customization options.

Lumos proudly claims that the Matrix represents the future of cycling, as it seamlessly combines enjoyable features with uncompromising safety. This high-end smart helmet offers a unique blend of fun and protection, setting a new standard in the cycling world.

Product Pros

  • long battery life
  • customizable lighting
  • comfortable light weight
  • bright lights with turn signals
  • almost 250 5 star smart helmet reviews
  • app integration

Product Cons

  • high price
  • no emergency function
  • no speakers
  • no microphone
  • over $200

This helmet combines style and safety, placing a strong emphasis on protective features. It boasts bright front and rear lights, along with indicator lights and brake lights that can be conveniently activated using a button located on the back of the helmet.

Helmet 7: Faro Unit 1

In the event of an impact, the helmet is designed to send an emergency message to a designated contact. Importantly, it is equipped with technology that allows it to distinguish between genuine impacts and accidental bumps, preventing unnecessary alerts.

For those seeking additional protection, there is also an optional MIPS add-on available. This premium product, while focusing primarily on safety, does not feature a built-in speaker or microphone for music or calls. However, this can be easily resolved by using earphones.

Overall, this helmet offers a stylish design while prioritizing safety features. It incorporates high visibility lights, emergency messaging capabilities, and the option for added protection with MIPS technology. While lacking built-in audio functionalities, it remains a reliable and secure choice for cyclists. It’s one of the best looking helmets in my opinion.

Product Pros

  • front and back lighting
  • MIPS addon available
  • brake and turnsignal lights
  • emergecny capabilities

Product Cons

  • No speakers
  • over $250

Helmet 8: Livall EVO21

The LIVALL EVO21 stands out as an intelligent helmet designed to cater to safety-conscious cyclists. Its key features include powerful front and rear lights that ensure 360-degree visibility, brake warning lights, and turning signal lights. Additionally, the helmet incorporates a built-in GPS tracker with an SOS function, further enhancing rider safety.

In the event of an impact followed by 30 seconds of inactivity, the helmet can automatically send emergency location notifications to up to three designated contacts. This feature provides an added layer of security and peace of mind.

To complement its safety features, the LIVALL EVO21 integrates seamlessly with the LIVALL app. The app offers useful statistics such as mileage tracking and average speeds, allowing cyclists to monitor their progress and performance. Moreover, the helmet is lightweight, well-ventilated, and comfortable to wear, ensuring a pleasant riding experience.

Given its powerful lighting system and safety-oriented functionalities, the LIVALL EVO21 proves to be an excellent choice for cyclists who frequently ride in low-light conditions or venture off-road. It prioritizes rider safety without compromising on comfort or performance.

Product Pros

  • lighting technology
  • advanced safety features like GPS and SOS
  • impact location alerts
  • lightweight and ventilated
  • under $125

Product Cons

  • no speakers
  • no microphone

Helmet 9: Lumos Ultra

The Lumos Ultra is an innovative helmet that embodies a futuristic design. It combines advanced Bluetooth technology with MIPS certification, providing cyclists with the highest level of head protection available. The helmet features a prominent front LED light, rear lights, and turn signals, all of which can be easily controlled using a remote or an Apple Watch.

Customization options for the helmet’s settings, including the ability to personalize the lights, can be conveniently managed through the Lumos app on a smartphone. With a battery life of up to 10 hours, the helmet ensures extended usage, and charging is simple with the included USB type-C cable.

The Lumos Ultra is available in a range of colors, including black, white, red, lime green, and deep blue, allowing users to choose a style that suits their preferences and personality.

Overall, this helmet represents a leap into the future with its smart features and emphasis on safety. With Bluetooth connectivity, MIPS certification, and customizable lighting, the Lumos Ultra delivers a unique and technologically advanced cycling experience.

Product Pros

  • lighting technology
  • brake and turn signal
  • bluetooth app control
  • long lasting battery
  • colour choices
  • MIPS certified
  • over 1000 5 start smart helmet reviews
  • under $125

Product Cons

  • no speakers
  • no microphone
  • no SOS

Helmet 10: Lumos Kickstart

The Lumos Kickstart is an intelligent bike helmet designed to prioritize rider safety. It offers 360-degree visibility, featuring front lights with a brightness of 500 lumens, eye-level rear lighting, turn indicators, and automatic braking lights.

The helmet ensures impact protection with its EPS foam liner and PolyCarbonate shell, meeting several safety standards and providing a reliable safeguard. With a 2-hour charge time and a 10-hour battery life, the helmet offers long-lasting functionality. It can be easily paired with the Lumos smart app and is equipped with an adjustable dial fit system for a comfortable and personalized fit.

Overall, the Lumos Kickstart helmet is an ideal choice for riders seeking enhanced visibility and safety. While it lacks certain features such as an SOS function and built-in microphone and speakers, it compensates with its advanced lighting system, impact protection, and compatibility with the Lumos smart app. Its adjustable fit system ensures comfort during rides.

Product Pros

  • highly advanced lighting technology
  • turn signals and brake lights
  • good battery life
  • over 1000 5 star smart helmet reviews
  • app connectivity

Product Cons

  • no speakers
  • no microphone
  • no SOS
  • $200

Safeguarding Your Rides: In Conclusion

As we’ve journeyed through the landscape of intelligent helmets in this blog post, one thing has become abundantly clear: these devices are more than just a trend, they represent a significant leap in cycling safety and convenience.

We have seen how these intelligent headgears, equipped with features like LED lights, turn signals, Bluetooth connectivity, and even collision detection systems, are transforming cycling. We also explored how to choose the right device, taking into account factors such as safety certifications, fit, comfort, battery life, and specific features that align with your personal needs.

Invest in Safety, Invest in a Cycling Smart Helmet

While traditional helmets have served cyclists well, the dawn of smart helmets brings with it an opportunity to significantly enhance your safety and enjoyment on the road. The added functionalities are designed not just for convenience, but to make your cycling experiences safer and more enjoyable.

As such, we encourage every cyclist to consider investing in a good helmet. It’s an investment not just in a piece of equipment, but in your safety, comfort, and peace of mind while cycling.

Next Steps to a Safer Ride

As you gear up for your next ride, take the time to explore more smart helmet reviews and do your own research to find the perfect fit for your needs. Remember, every rider is unique, and the perfect helmet for you is one that meets your specific requirements and enhances your riding experience.

Your safety on the road is paramount, and a smart helmet can be a game-changer. Consider making that informed purchase today and revolutionize your rides with the power of smart technology. Because when it comes to cycling, safety should never be an afterthought—it should be a priority

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